The Best Business Podcasts in Dubai

Toni Becker June 08, 2021

Today, many businesses are looking for new ways to engage their audience, create community and build trust. This is because the modern day consumer expects a sense of connection, instant communication and insight from the brands they choose to do business with. We live in the digital age and thanks to social media and the world-wide-web, consumers and businesses are more connected than ever before and it is vital that businesses nourish this connection. This is why businesses and industry thought-leaders have taken to creating their very own podcasts. 

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files that a user can download to their personal devices for easy listening (imagine an on-demand radio show). Essentially, anyone is able to create a podcast  and any one is able to listen to a podcast.

Podcasts have the power to connect industry thought-leaders, business owners, entertainers and entrepreneurs to a worldwide audience and as a business leader - this tactic allows you to provide highly targeted and on-demand content to listeners who want to know more about your business insights. 

By investing time and effort into a business podcast you are able to build authority in your industry or niche which results in greater brand awareness, credibility and of course, increased sales. 

Podcasting continues to grow across the world, and new research has shown just how popular it is in the UAE. According to statistics released by broadcast specialists Markettiers, there are 1.3 million regular podcast listeners in the UAE. In fact, an astounding 16% of the UAE’s adult population are tuning into podcasts at least once a week.

With these numbers ever growing, it is no wonder Dubai plays host to some of the best business Podcasts in the UAE. 


The 6 Best Business Podcasts in Dubai

1. The Digital Growth Show

The Digital Growth Show is a weekly live webinar and podcast hosted by digital marketing experts Amit Vyas and Andrew Thomas of business growth agency Nexa. Each week, Amit & Andrew take on interesting business topics that impact business growth providing experiences, insights and tactics to help business owners and business leaders. 

The two hosts cover topics ranging from digital PR for business growth through to MarTech and sales strategy. Every show is lively and informative, and the listener is always engaged and entertained while gaining business insight. 

2. The Dubai Works

The Dubai Works is an Augustus Media show, where Richard Fitzgerald interviews business leaders who make a difference in Dubai. From CEOs to business founders, the podcast delves into industry insights, business models and introduces its listeners to what goes on behind the scenes of a business to help it grow and find success.

The shows host is Richard Fitzgerald, founder of Augustus Media, publishers of Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi.

3. #ABPodcasts

Hosted by Anas Bukhash, one of the UAEs most successful speakers and entrepreneurs, #ABPodcasts is a fun and insightful podcast that showcases the “raw” side of entrepreneurship, achievers, influencers and celebrities from all over the world.

Anas shares thoughts on success and entrepreneurship and also speaks on a variety of topics ranging from human behavior in business and relationships to social media and the digital world. 

4. Business Extra

Dubai is without a doubt one of the world's most influential business hubs and Business Extra offers Dubai business experts a place to share their insights.

The podcast also provides news from the National's esteemed team of business editors and reporters, who are on top of the markets, technology, the energy sector and much more. 

5. Swenglanese - talking business in the UAE

Barry and Oskar are two entrepreneurs based in Dubai in the UAE. Coming from different backgrounds with different experiences and in many cases differing opinions the two of them have both proof and of course opinions of what is required to be successful.

The main focus of the Swenglanese podcast is to discuss the every growing and inspiring landscape of entrepreneurship in Dubai and the UAE. 

6. The Spencer Lodge Podcast

The Spencer Lodge Podcast gives its audience an insiders look into some of the most interesting conversations that Spencer has with a variety of industry experts from different sectors. Spender discusses their journeys and the lessons they learned on the way and this insight helps listeners learn more about the ins and outs of business in Dubai and the UAE.

Spencer is a leading sales trainer in Dubai and some of the episodes unpack his knowledge in business development and commercial confidence. 

The Wrap Up

There’s a growing desire for business people to publish content that highlight’s them as experts in their field. Previously, this opportunity was limited to those with strong media connections or who had the resources to hire a PR agency who could boast the same. But as technology and the internet have evolved, the opportunity to promote both a business and its thought-leaders has become much more accessible, and this is where Podcasting comes into play.

Businesses and business leader across the world are seeing the value of Podcasts and it is important that you get ahead of your competitors when it comes to using this kind of platform for business growth. The above are just a few of the business Podcasts making waves in Dubai - and yours could be next. 

Getting Started

Starting your own Podcast series is easier than you think. At Nexa, we’ve invested in the equipment, technology, and publishing platforms so that you as a business can record your podcasts and have them available to listeners within 24 hours.  

Contact us by completing the form on this page and our team will talk to you about the options available for your business.