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    The Direct Booking Conundrum for Hotels

    Amit Vyas May 24, 2015

    Over the last 10 years or so, websites such as Expedia, and other online travel agencies (OTAs) have provided a valuable service to hotels looking to sell their rooms to the ever-growing online audience of travellers.  But while this has allowed Hotels to have high online visibility this has come at a cost.  More often than not, OTAs charge between 10% and 30% of all bookings made, which over a year can amount to significant revenue.


    More recently, hotels have realised that this isn't perhaps the most economical way to market their rooms inventory and as a consequence, have started to drive direct booking initiatives that save hotels the money paid out in commissions.  To help hotels understand this process better, Nexa has created a free e-book that breaks down some of the key marketing opportunities available to hotels.  This can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

    Free E-Book - Click here to download