Tools for an Effective RevOps Strategy

authorShannon Correia dateSeptember 26, 2021

By now, you know how important a RevOps strategy can be for business growth. However, it needs to be applied thoroughly and holistically if you are to reap the rewards. In this article, we’ll be sharing the tools you can use to ensure that the rollout works optimally for your business. 

There are a number of tools available on the market that businesses can use to implement a RevOps strategy. When it comes down to it, RevOps requires one platform that brings together all of your teams. With so much to gain from this and also so much riding on it, you’ve got to ensure you use the right tools to achieve it, as it will affect your business in its entirety. 

You’ll need a software system that makes it easy to integrate and data among your teams. It needs to be seamless for both your departments and the customer, who will benefit from the team effort your business puts in. The main tool you’ll need is a CRM or customer relationship management system. 

Revenue Operations Strategy

CRM Systems for RevOps 

Here’s a look at why CRM is needed for the implementation of an effective RevOps strategy:

  • It aligns your sales, marketing, and customer service departments
  • It needs to include reporting functionality that monitors, stores, and analyses data
  • It needs to have the necessary integrations available for your business to operate efficiently and to reduce manual and repetitive tasks 
  • It should be easy to use and understand since it will be the central platform used by your business
  • It needs to have robust reporting functionality
  • The system needs to serve your business’s current and future needs, from data to security and operations
  • It should be flexible enough to make adjustments and allow for scalable growth

When it comes to CRMs, two leading names come to mind: Salesforce and HubSpot.

  • Salesforce provides businesses with a comprehensive platform that showcases data for teams to analyze with ease. It is a centralized system that offers the main features you’d need for RevOps. 
  • HubSpot offers CMS and CRM solutions for businesses, depending on the size and needs of the business. It is based upon the alignment of these departments, offering everything you need in an easy-to-understand yet in-depth and intuitive manner. As the only diamond-tier partners in the Middle East, we have seen the success that this strategy can lead to - learn more about HubSpot.

Tools for Effective RevOps

RevOps is designed to drive more revenue, bring about innovative solutions and improve customer satisfaction. The tools needed to make this effective should help each of the departments with the necessary processes and valuable insights that can help with:

  • Marketing: By considering the likes of demand generation, digital marketing campaigns, and communications.
  • Sales: By considering the likes of sales enablement and lead generation, management, and conversions.
  • Customer service: By considering customer communication and support.

Other tools that can help you manage data and therefore benefit your RevOps strategy include:

  • Spreadsheets: Clear visualization of cumulative data that can help track and monitor current and projected data
  • Revenue intelligence software: Collect and manage data from customer-facing operations
  • Project management: Having one space where responsibilities are assigned and monitored can help in the overall management and implementation of RevOps

Since RevOps is primarily based on data, be sure that the tools you’re using are able to determine figures such as:

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer acquisition rates
  • Recurring revenue
  • Customer turnover rates
  • Up-sales
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Sales timelines

When it comes to using tools, the key is to use ones that not only gather quality data but can display it efficiently. This saves you time and helps you identify patterns. It should be well-organized and clear. The less complex it is, the more integrated, inviting, and helpful RevOps can be. 

It is important to note that the tools you use are not just for the internal teams. Since RevOps is about improving the customer journey, also consider the tools you use when communicating with them. For example, the messaging platforms you use for marketing and customer service, as well as the sales platforms. All of these elements play a role. 

Michael Pici, VP of Product & Revenue at HubSpot says: “The importance of the RevOps function is that you can take a million different cuts at how you can view the business but what RevOps does is, it helps us find the right ones to focus on, the thing that drives real value.”

With an effective strategy in place, you’ll be growing your business by ensuring that it is functioning optimally. This helps your business, but it has serious benefits for the customers too. They’re able to find greater satisfaction in their journey with you since the process is streamlined, which makes it more relevant to them. 

To find out which CRM your business needs and how to get started with a RevOps strategy, chat with us at Nexa.