Top Digital Strategies for 2022

authorShannon Correia dateMay 12, 2021

Strategy is rooted in all things digital in 2022. If your business is in the process of taking stock mid-year, we’ve got the low-down on the top strategies for sales, marketing, services, and people for you to use as a benchmark. These are top-performing trends that will take your business through the rest of the year and beyond. 

top digital strategies 2021

Top Strategies for Sales

In 2022, many businesses are emerging from a prolonged crisis mode and settling into new ways of making sales. Becoming unique in the market has always been a goal, but the focus has shifted to being a brand that your audience identifies with. It’s about portraying matching values and sharing messages that resonate authentically. This is a stark contrast to the business strategies of the past that were filled with secrecy. 

This leads us to the ideal that audiences desire - not being bombarded with advertisements and salespeople with agendas. From this year, people want value-based sales and buying processes. One of the best ways for a business to achieve this is to build strong customer relationships and to guide them on a journey with your brand. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool makes this easy, with strategized workflows to guide the process in the best possible way. It is essentially a tool that streamlines all of the sales points in a personalized manner. 

Finally, we’ve got to mention social shopping or shopping via social media platforms as one of the prominent sales trends for 2022. Businesses have the opportunity to make online shopping easier for audiences and to entice them with high-quality lifestyle content shared via social media pages. Video and voice-activated sales are also taking center stage as they continue to grow rapidly. 

Top Strategies for Marketing

Digital marketing in 2022 is emerging from pandemic-based messaging to adapting to the new norms. That applies to marketing departments too, who are learning to shorten their marketing plans and become more reactive by creating and sharing campaigns closer to real-time. This puts businesses in touch with the now, instead of strategizing too far and risking the marketing falling flat because it has become irrelevant or inappropriate. 

Marketing departments will need to continually hone in on their target markets to personalize marketing. This requires a series of buyer personas to be developed using data, with niche content aimed directly at them. Once you’re communicating on a personal level, be sure to follow up by being responsive and engaging, even after sales are made. CRMs can help you achieve this by setting up automated messages and allowing you to view and respond to your social media mentions from one centralized location. 

As sales evolve, marketing strategies do too. In cases where a business is utilizing new sales opportunities, marketing teams need to ensure that this transition is shared. Aim to content with audiences by sharing branded lifestyle content that makes a person want to buy into the essence of your business and make it part of their aspirations and reality. 

Top Strategies for Service

The concept of the ‘customer is always right’ has altered slighting as businesses adapt in 2022. Businesses aim to please their audience and customers and since business dealings need to match the customer's values, it is important to provide top-tier service to cement brand loyalty. 

CRMs allow businesses to manage the sales process with ease. When your sales and marketing teams work together by sharing data and insights, you can manage leads better with it resulting in more lead conversions. These systems also customize, simplify and streamline everything including service, which removes barriers and hassles from the process altogether. 

In 2022, customers have certain expectations, one of the most crucial being that of customer support. Offering avenues that welcome engagement with customer services, which is where CRMs like HubSpot come into play once again. With this, you can manage all interactions and provide timely and personalized responses. 

Top Strategies for People

Becoming a people-orientated business is of the utmost importance in 2022. Many businesses have started devising employer branding strategies, which is the perception and reputation that a brand has as an employer. Maintaining a positive brand in this regard not only helps you retain your employees, but it has a knock-on effect for customers too, who choose to support businesses that treat their staff well. 

Following closely on this concept in the workplace culture that a business has. The fact is, all businesses were affected by the pandemic, and so in 2022, they need to build on newly found working environments and cultures. 

With employer branding and workplace culture firmly in place, businesses can start looking to digitalize and transform their HR departments. This ensures that your strategy for working with and hiring people is up to date and as efficient and effective as possible. 

In Summary

Your goals for 2022 and beyond need to include a variety of digital strategies, focusing on the following:

  • For sales: Soft-sell a branded lifestyle that audiences resonate with and be sure to take up the opportunity to expand your sales avenues via social selling.
  • For marketing: Share relevant marketing campaigns, expand your messaging to new sales revenues, and target audiences using detailed buyer personas. 
  • For service: Offer customer support that is personalized and responsive, while continually guiding customers along the journey with your business. 
  • For people: Focus on employer branding, your workplace culture, and digitalizing your HR systems and processes.

With these strategies in place, your business will be on its way to success by providing holistic and future-driven outlooks and outputs. 

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