What Does a Business Growth Consultant Do?

authorShannon Correia dateFebruary 09, 2021

If you’d like to grow your business and aren’t sure where to start, it may be time to find a business growth consultant to work with. In this article, we’ll be covering all of the bases of what they do and how they can help to propel your business’s success story. 

business growth consultant

Growth Consultancy

In the simplest of terms, growth consultants are contracted by a business to consult and coach a business with the purpose of helping it grow. Growth can refer to various factors, including increasing profits, revenue, product selection, market share and customers. Once you have a clear idea of how you want your business to grow, you will set expectations and KPI’s with the consultant to ensure that the requirements are understood and subsequently met. This agreement will inform the strategy creation and implementation.

A growth consultant is therefore a person or team who is there to help your business grow in the way it needs. This growth is scalable, measurable and sustainable - a culmination that powers your business forward according to the desired vision. These consultants will have the book smart strategies as well as the necessary expertise within your industry. 

Speaking of experience, be sure to vet the consultant(s) you decide to work with, as this will greatly influence the success of this venture. Referring to their portfolio that resulted in actualised improvements for other businesses is a helpful starting point. Transparency in metrics and agreements when it comes to expectations are also crucial - for some businesses, they may require performance-based structures or incentives. 

Consider that working with a consultant will elicit changes within your company - some of which may be growing pains, so to speak. For instance, the process of adapting systems or realigning your company culture may be deemed necessary activities to grow. Other growth strategies may focus specifically on building authentic relationships with your customers and partners, for example. 

Reasons to Hire a Growth Consultant

  • Are your business’s results satisfactory? You can improve your performance and be able to reach your targets and expectations better with a consultant on board if you feel there is room to improve.
  • Has your business reached a plateau? Consultants can help you to re energize your business and help you figure out the best ways to reinvest. 
  • How’s your company culture? You may need to reassess the talent within your business, or boost your team’s morale. A consultant can introduce a growth mindset across the board to improve the performance of your business internally. 
  • Do you need a new perspective? Sometimes things are stagnant because you need a fresh set of eyes to reensisage the future of your company with new opportunities.
  • Are you growing effectively? A consultant can help you to scale and manage the growth of your business, ensuring you are able to adopt and adapt the necessary changes and strategies. 

Strategies of Improvement

  • Redevelop business plans, strategies and partnerships
  • Assist in implementing the above strategies, as well as coaching your employees
  • Manage the growth so that it is scalable
  • Perform in-depth analysis of your business to find opportunities 
  • Examine your competitors
  • Implement new ways to measure your performance to improve and grow your business

Consultant relationships should be viewed as partnerships that your business enters into for a period. It is an investment that sparks and spurs the growth you’re seeking. They’ll be as dedicated to improving the business from a qualified and strategic point of view. They’ll assess your operations and situation and then develop a strategy, roll it out for you and evaluate it, so that you can see the results quantified. 

Growth consultants are essentially solution service providers for businesses. It is imperative to ensure these solutions and strategies are developed in a way that can help your business after the consultant’s work is done. The growth should therefore not be a hack and should not peak only to drop off once the consultant’s job is done. The goal is for your business to operate at its highest possible level and serve your customers by reaching its full potential. 

Ready to grow your business?

Working with a growth consultant can improve and develop your business in the ways that matter most. Whether it's to improve your bottom line, your internal operations or your business relationships, your business always has the potential to improve. Work with the best to ensure the best results. By inviting positive change to your business, you can let the experts steer the ship in the best interest of the company. 

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