What does a Demand Generation Agency do?

Shannon Correia September 05, 2020

It may sound simplistic, but a Demand Generation Agency handles marketing in line with a demand generation approach.  That is to say, they market your product or service with an all encompassing strategy that is geared towards generating interest and qualified leads for your business. It is all about helping audiences make their way from link to loyalty.

The Demand Generation Agency

Working with a demand generation agency means that you can have this strategy developed for your business specifically, by a team of marketing experts who have extensive experience with this mode of marketing and lead generation.  What’s more is that you can also outsource the actual implementation of this strategy to them. That being said, the strategy they develop is one that is based on the long term plan of your business. It will be one that can form the framework for years to come, which you build upon by taking analytics and scalability into account.

Working with a demand generation agency will help you grow your leads and sales. When evaluating an agency to work with, you should look at their case studies which showcase their previous work, as well as their capabilities when it comes to lead generation, including advertising, optimisation and social media marketing. Your business should therefore work with an agency who has a proven track record, who can devise and implement this marketing approach speedily and effectively by using their specialised services.

When creating a strategy for your business, they will consider the demand generation approach comprehensively, providing you with regular consultations, extensive research and realistic forecasts. The agency is there to analyse and guide you by helping you to build your audience and promote your product or service accordingly.

At its core, an agency will develop your demand generation strategy by considering the following:

Marketing leads to sales; sales leads to growth. 
demand generation marketing agency

They will take your marketing to growth and sales stages by employing effective communication as they guide your targeted audience through the buying stages of awareness, consideration and decision. The two most important factors of this approach are: lead quality and conversion rates.

Demand Generation Process Meets Agency Services

  • Audience Research: An agency should implement the core principles of Account Based Marketing, which narrows down your audience very specifically to improve targeting. It is important to have a one-to-one and one-to-many approach with demand generation.
  • Develop campaigns: Developing the campaigns and selecting the channels to share them on (both internally and externally) are crucial in generating interest and demand. This is done through various types of marketing, including content, email, social media and search engine marketing. An agency will have the ability to run all aspects of several campaigns on your behalf, while ensuring that they are optimised.
  • Generate leads: Lead forms can be implemented in various ways. It may be done through live chats, social media forms or gated content. It is really an additional call-to-action to the content developed for your campaigns. Once you have generated the leads, it is important to safely store them and track them (more on this to follow).
  • Nurture leads: Remarketing is a highly effective method to keep your business in the mind of potential customers and can increase desire and demand for your product or service. Advertising online will amplify your marketing campaigns, especially when conducted with highly accurate targeting. Other ways to nurture leads include communication methods suited to your audience that engage them and encourage them to convert. These include email marketing triggered from prospect touchpoint and behavior.  It is also ideal to build a positive brand image with the help of media and public relations.
  • Relationship marketing: Having CMS and CRM services at your disposal means you can conduct email marketing and provide customers with automated chatbots for their convenience. Keeping the doors to communication open, with reminder marketing can build rapport with your customer base. Another aspect of this is providing feedback to customers on social media, whether it’s in the form of comments or sharing user generated content, for example.

Measuring Demand and Optimizing for Results

One of the key aspects of demand generation is the ability to track leads generated from your campaigns. To do this effectively, you’ll need software to support CRM, which can then also assist you with scoring leads. Leads are scored based on their behaviours and interactions. By doing this, you can gauge their level of interest in your product or service and determine the best ways to nurture the various types of leads pooled.

When it comes to monitoring demand, frequent reporting is encouraged. There are key KPI’s to take note of, including the cost per lead, the customer lifetime value and return on advertising to name but a few metrics to monitor. Testing various campaigns is also crucial. You can do this by tracking the engagements, interactions, traffic and inbound marketing generated.

There you have it, the gist of what a demand generation agency does. This is the marketing approach of the future, with increased specialization techniques used to create a vested interest in your products or services, as well as to improve the quality of your leads.

Looking for a demand agency to work with?

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