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    What does a Digital Marketing Agency do? Ask me again in 6 months

    Amit Vyas June 02, 2015

    Digital marketing is an ever-changing phenomenon that quite frankly drives me nuts!  As the CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency, it's virtually impossible to plan a rigid product or services strategy for the business that spans longer than 6 to 12 months.  But that's also why I believe that our company, Nexa, is in the most exciting and innovative industry in existence today.  The buzz of new technology, new possibilities and what this means in terms of new opportunities for our business and our clients is genuinely what gets me out of bed in the morning.


    But it's not just this.  As a full service agency, our role is to help clients to better understand the digital marketing landscape and online marketing opportunities for their business.  This includes web design and development, understanding the search engine marketing landscape, using social media as a lead generation platform, customer communication and/or customer service platform, video and photography and a whole lot more.  When these services are combined to create a fully encompassing digital marketing strategy, the results can be incredible.

    But how do you remain dynamic in this industry?

    It's difficult, especially as the size of the company increases.  But from my experience, the only way you can remain truly dynamic and ready for the next opportunity is to create a team of experts who truly understand their area of expertise not just from a technical or academic perspective but how these can be applied to the commercial world.  Once that type of understanding is in place, it becomes infinitely easier to understand new technologies, opportunities and applications of this in the real world.  

    It also keeps us on our toes.