Why do I need a Sales and Marketing Consultant if I have a Marketing Team?

authorShannon Correia dateFebruary 14, 2021

Would you need to hire a sales and marketing consultant if you have a marketing team?  

Well, you might. Here's why…

Sales and marketing consultants are professionals with both a creative and analytical spirit. Hiring them is both a commitment and investment on the part of a business. And if they essentially do what your team already does, do you still need their services?  

For many companies, the reality is that they won't.  But for others, bringing an outside consultant into your business has many benefits.  In this article, we'll highlight a few of these but one of the main reasons that shouldn't be overlooked (for all businesses) is focus.  

Many businesses often understand the need or have a desire to make changes within the business.  But who drives these changes?  Who is involved in strategising and the implementation of these?  Despite the desire to make changes, employees are often bogged down with day to day work priorities meaning that not enough time can be allocated to the new internal project.  This ultimately means that implementation suffers, which has a direct impact on the future performance of the business.  Often, companies that are dynamic, that innovate or respond to market conditions faster, enjoy more success than those businesses that fail to adapt or change.

By hiring a external consultant, a company now has someone who is responsible and accountable to the business and who's sole focus is to create and implement a strategy for the business.  This level of accountability is key to success and the importance of this should not be underestimated.

Here are 12 more reasons why your company should consider hiring a Sales and Marketing consultant:

sales marketing team and consultants

1 - Up-skill

How skilled is your marketing team? Consultants can offer training to your team, whether it concerns a new technique or technology. This is an excellent option for businesses to ensure their team is trained across the board and up to date with the latest in marketing and sales learning and skills.  

2- Growth Experience

Consultants are ultimately hired to help a business grow. When you work with them, you can inspire and help your team reach their targets faster and more efficiently. Growth can apply to many aspects, from sales numbers to marketing channels and even team building.  Consultants often have experience working with companies across other industries when it comes to the creation and execution of growth strategies.  This experience can prove valuable, allowing best practices, new innovative ideas and the experience of implementing these to an organisation - by bring these to your company.

3 - Leads

Marketing and sales primarily focus on the customer's journey with your business. Consultants are trained to help you increase the number of leads your marketing and sales team generate, nurture and convert. If your business needs help improving with these figures, a consultant can step in to show your team the ropes.

4 - Increase performance

Akin to growing, your overall team's performance can be improved and enhanced with a consultant's help. They can introduce the processes and techniques geared towards helping your business achieve its targets.

5 - Crisis

In times of crisis, it may be wise to hire an external expert to help your business weather the storm. You don't have to wait for that to occur either, as consultants can help you ensure you have a crisis management plan in place, which could ultimately save your business if a disastrous event were to occur. 

6 - Information

Marketing and sales teams often get stuck in the trenches with their departments' actual processes and outputs. Bringing in a consultant to analyse your analytics and assess your operations can benefit your teams as it provides insights and direction. 

7 - Capacity

Sometimes, your business grows quickly, or the team you have cannot manage all of the essential roles that need to be filled. Therefore, hiring consultants to work with on a particular project or to fill a need as your team proliferates is beneficial. 

8 - Strategy

While many consultants focus on business strategy, hiring marketing and sales consultants to provide you with detailed procedures for these departments can be incredibly valuable. An investment on this can ensure you have a solid blueprint and plan to follow. 

9 - Systems and processes

Perhaps your salesforce needs to start looking the funnel as part of the sales flywheel, or your marketing team need to partner with specialists who can show them how inbound marketing can improve their results. 

10 - Resource gaps

Consultants devise a plan of action that is customised to your business's needs. That means they can step in and fill in any resource gaps your team may have. This could refer to one particular aspect with the department, such as your marketing team's social media strategy, or a focused lead generation strategy for the sales team. 

11 - Transitions

Consultants can help introduce new techniques and systems or ensure that the new processes are run smoothly. For example, if your business is switching to an account-based marketing strategy, they can set up all of the necessary structures and training needed. 

12 - Differentiation

An outside perspective that is well-acquainted within an industry can help your business differentiate itself from the competition. By developing a strong USP, your marketing and sales teams stand to benefit from improved performances. 

There is a wide range of reasons why your marketing team would benefit from working with consultants. Whichever your reason, ensure your team is evident on the purpose and onboard to provide a productive working relationship. 

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