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authorShannon Correia dateNovember 09, 2021

I Need More Sales. Here are 25 Ways to Seize the Opportunity

Businesses the world over can be heard saying “I need more sales” in unison. If you’re looking for the opportunity to do so and the know-how on how ...
authorToni Becker dateApril 19, 2021

Still Sending PDF or Powerpoint Business Proposals? It's Time for a Change

In simple terms, a business proposal is a document that is sent to potential clients or suppliers in hopes of winning a new contract or project.
authorToni Becker dateFebruary 21, 2021

Customer Service Transformation in the Digital Era

Until recently, customer service was viewed as a menial and time-consuming task that businesses needed to check-off, and not much emphasis or ...
authorShannon Correia dateFebruary 14, 2021

Why do I need a Sales and Marketing Consultant if I have a Marketing Team?

Would you need to hire a sales and marketing consultant if you have a marketing team?
authorShannon Correia dateFebruary 13, 2021

How is a Sales and Marketing Consultant Different From a Business Consultant?

With so many consultants offering their services to businesses, you may be wondering which one you need: those that deal with sales and marketing ...
authorShannon Correia dateJanuary 18, 2021

Effective Sales Strategies in a Pandemic

As the world continues to find ways to forge on in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses seek effective sales strategies to implement. ...