Toni Becker April 19, 2021

Still Sending PDF or Powerpoint Business Proposals? It's Time for a Change

In simple terms, a business proposal is a document that is sent to potential clients or suppliers in hopes of winning a new contract or project. 
Toni Becker February 21, 2021

Customer Service Transformation in the Digital Era

Until recently, customer service was viewed as a menial and time-consuming task that businesses needed to check-off, and not much emphasis or ...
Shannon Correia February 14, 2021

Why do I need a Sales and Marketing Consultant if I have a Marketing Team?

Would you need to hire a sales and marketing consultant if you have a marketing team?  
Shannon Correia February 13, 2021

How is a Sales and Marketing Consultant Different From a Business Consultant?

With so many consultants offering their services to businesses, you may be wondering which one you need: those that deal with sales and marketing ...
Shannon Correia January 18, 2021

Effective Sales Strategies in a Pandemic

As the world continues to find ways to forge on in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses seek effective sales strategies to implement. ...