Why is Video Marketing Important for Your Business?

authorToni Becker dateMay 30, 2021

Marketing experts have been predicting the rise of video for years, and the future is finally here. In fact, it has been here for a while. The video marketing revolution is astounding and according to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses are now using video as part of their marketing strategy. In the same study it was determined that 82% of businesses believe video marketing is an important part of their marketing strategy and this trend is highlighted by 83% of businesses stating that video provides them a notable Return on Investment.

With the above 2021 statistics in mind, video is now one of the greatest tools in the marketers toolbox. However, as a business owner or marketer you may be considering the expense and time that goes into creating video content and asking yourself if it is worth it.

Below, we outline why video marketing is important and the reasons you should invest in video marketing in 2021.


The Importance of Video Marketing for your Business 

1. Videos Build Trust

We live in the digital age and with that comes the expectation of instant communication and instant gratification. Customers today no longer want to work with brands they feel no immediate connection toward and video is a great way to break down any possible barrier between your brand and your audience. Videos allow you to establish industry authority in a more personalized way and you are far more likely to connect with your audience on an emotional level through video than any other content. 

By engaging with your audience through video, you build a sense of trust and this forms the foundation of lead generation, conversion and sales. As the saying goes, “content is king” and marketers quote this over and over again for a reason. The entire concept of content marketing is to build trust and create relationships, which is vital for business success. Today's audience demands content that is built on trust which in turn, converts them into loyal brand ambassadors - not just clients. Video has the power to do this more than any other form of content. 

For example, YouTubers have become some of the most powerful and influential voices in the world. By working alongside YouTubers to promote your brand, or by creating your own channels, you have the power to establish yourself a brand leader in your specific industry. 

Promotional videos are also a great way to build trust. Today, consumers do plenty of online research before making a purchase and effective videos present your business in a conversational and trustworthy manner. This personalized approach is why 57% of consumers state that video gives them more confidence to purchase a service or product online. 

2. Gain Greater Conversions and Sales

As stated previously, business owners may query if video marketing is actually worth it in regards to financial gain. The straightforward answer is that videos can make you a lot of money, increase conversions by a whopping 80% and build long-lasting relationships with clients. It all comes down to working with the right team, understanding your audience and your brand messaging, and distributing your content through the most effective channels.

The bottom line is that video can lead directly to sales and case studies have proven that 74% of online users who watch product and service videos end up making a purchase. These are not small numbers and it is vital that businesses get ahead of their competitors in the video marketing game. We all know that in the digital age, online users have lost their attention span (especially when it comes to reading text) and users prefer visuals and moving pictures as they relay information in an easy and digestible way. So, it’s not really surprising to see these statistics. 

3. Boosts Search Engine Optimization 

Videos increase the time users spend on your website. Not only does this increase engagement between your brand and the user. It builds trust between your brand and the search engines. In fact, according to Moovly, your website is more likely to show up on the first page of Google if you have video on your website. And since search engine powerhouse Google now owns YouTube, you will see a significant improvement in how your video content betters your search engine rankings. 

But in order to achieve this you need to optimize your videos for the search engine results. This is done by writing great descriptions and titles and using links that link back to your website and web pages. You also need to put a solid call to action in your video content, ensuring your customers take the next step toward purchasing your product or service - this is where the links become essential. 

4. Encourages More Social Shares

Social media channels encourage video content with their latest features - think of Instagram Reels or Facebook's latest live option. And we all know about TikTok. Social media is filled with engaging video content and digital marketers have to keep up with this in order to reach their audience. By creating fun and entertaining videos, you are encouraging your audience to engage with and share your content with their friends and family - ultimately creating loyal brand ambassadors. 

This may not speak to a return on investment, but it is about building trust and this kind of personalization does lead to more website visits, conversion and ultimately sales. 

Appeal to the Mobile Generation

Mobile and video go together with 90% of today's consumers watching video through their mobile devices. And mobile video consumption rises 100% annually - with the number growing since the worldwide pandemic of 2020. 

It is also important to note that as the number of mobile users grows across the world, your video audience will keep growing and you can be sure that your target audience will be reachable through video marketing. 

In Summary

Video marketing is the ideal format for content consumption as it is simple and engaging, and gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your audience in a more personalized and entertaining way. It is more affordable and accessible than ever before, with social media platforms making room for more video content. Making marketing videos for your business requires creativity and of course, insight into your audience and your brand. By merging these components you are able to craft content that provides exceptional (and measurable) return on investment. 

At Nexa, we believe that this kind of interactive content is the perfect way to establish your brand as trustworthy, personable, and is a great way to establish your business message. Through our video production you are able to find your brand's voice, express your message creatively and reach your audience. 

Contact Nexa today for all your video marketing requirements and see results.