Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022

authorToni Becker dateOctober 01, 2020

Since 2020,  many businesses have cut back on their marketing efforts, while others have swiftly adapted, becoming more agile and coming up with creative ways to engage with their audience during this unpredictable time. 

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If any organization wants to stay in business, they can’t afford to stay stagnant or completely still in their marketing efforts. We can understand why some businesses, especially start-up companies, would consider cutting down on their marketing, but this is a mistake. By staying silent during this time, the consumer will forget your brand and your business offerings, and you will slowly become a non-entity - while your competitors rise. 

You may ask why, I mean, are consumers really receptive during times of economic uncertainty? The answer is yes, and a recent study from the American Association of Advertising Agencies discovered that 43% of consumers feel reassured when they hear from businesses and brands. In fact, only 15% of consumers said that they would rather not have any communication with brands. 

Marketing is vital to business success, and during times of crisis or change, it is more important than ever.

Marketing Strategy in the "post" COVID-19 Era

Customer Empathy and Buyer Behaviour

The pandemic has significantly changed consumer attitudes and behaviour as expected and Reach3 Insights discovered that 76% of consumers have developed new buying habits. The data showed that consumers are investing in new products and they want to stick to these products after COVID-19. With that in mind, it is important that marketers do not rely on assumptions because as the world changes, so too do these statistics. 

This means that all marketers and businesses need to be proactive and take the time to monitor their buyers behaviour through online metrics so as to keep up to date with their habits - this means understanding what pages they visit on your website, how they engage with your social media marketing, click-through rates, and the likes. This will tell you what they are looking for and what they are not looking for - giving you the opportunity to design your marketing campaigns to their wants and needs. This is why Customer Relationship Management platforms are becoming even more relevant as they allow your marketing and sales team to work together in understanding consumer behaviour, nurturing leads, and tailoring strategy around metrics. 

By investing time in understanding customer engagement and listening to your customers, you gain valuable insights into the best way to move forward in your marketing efforts.

Learn more about the value of CRMs, here.

Own the Search Engines

Businesses need to be cautious during this time, and we all know that the internet is a busy place that comes with a variety of marketing options - and because of this, it is becoming difficult for marketers to know where to place their budget and how to make a business stand out from their competitors. The problem with many online marketing tactics is that they work on a auction or demand based pricing model, and the higher the demand for a specific advertising slot, the more costly the advertising becomes. 

The best way to spend your marketing budget is to turn your marketing tactics into a business asset as opposed to a business “spend,” and this is why Search Engine Ownership is the way forward for 2022. 

Traditional Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is simply about optimising a website for the search engines (getting you to rank in the search results), whereas our Search Engine Ownership strategy allows you to understand how much your traffic is actually worth in cold hard cash. 

Nexa is dedicated to helping you own the search engine results for searches relevant to your business, rank higher than your competitors, and be seen in every search term specific to your industry. 

Our Search Engine Ownership approach focuses on 3 primary areas that are vital for any business in any industry:

  • Your company’s search visibility: Search visibility is a metric that measures not only the visibility of your company across every possible search term related to your industry or business offerings but also how likely you are to turn that visibility into a website click or traffic to your website.
  • Your search visibility compared to your competitors: A key metric in SEOwnership is that businesses should consider their search engine visibility in comparison to their competitors. Ranking higher than your competitors will get you more leads, brand awareness, and help you make more sales.
  • The value of your traffic in actual currency: Using the above metrics, your SEOwnership calculates how much your website traffic is actually worth in monetary value.

Sounds too good to be true?

Nexa performed an in-depth case study regarding SEOwnership that fully outlines how well this tactic works, and how it can work for any business in 2022, take a look: here.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

When it comes to B2B marketing in 2022, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is without a doubt the way forward. While Google, Facebook or LinkedIn offer isolated or siloed marketing opportunities some of the newest and best marketing tactics combine technology, data and content in order to provide a highly cost effective and impactful opportunity for businesses.

ABM is often described as the quickest, most affordable way for B2B businesses to generate focusing on key accounts, creating hyper-targeted content and campaigns, and delivering a personalised experience to the companies that matter most. 

ABM may be viewed as a combination approach to Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing and there is a justification for this comparison as ABM takes the best parts of traditional outbound sales which include the ability to:

  • Identify specific target audiences or key individuals.
  • Reach these audiences via telephone or email.
  • Tailor an elevator pitch that attempts to relate on a personal level to that person. 
  • Generate an outcome from this activity - be it a face to face meeting or follow up call

ABM also takes some of the best parts of both the inbound philosophy and marketing automation software tools such as:

  • The creation and publishing of high-quality,
  • Informative and helpful content 
  • The ability to track views, visits and engagement
  • The ability to automate further rounds of engagement based on the actions 
  • The ability to personalise all communication

So, how does ABM work and how do you create a strategy around it? Learn more about this new and highly effective marketing tactic, here

In Conclusion

The key to successful marketing strategy in 2022 lies in understanding your customer and their behaviours through in-depth data, using your marketing efforts to create business value, and creating highly personalised and targeted campaigns. 

Since 2005, Nexa has been creating marketing strategies for brands and businesses located around the globe and have a vast portfolio of clients, including homegrown businesses and large global corporations. If you want your marketing to flourish in 2022 - we are here to help. 

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