App Marketing: Top 10 Tips to Drive App Downloads

authorShannon Correia dateFebruary 01, 2021

App stores are home to an abundance of mobile application that are available for download. But many apps are lost, given the plethora of apps available to smartphone users.  So, how app developers / publishers increase awareness of new apps in order to encourage smartphone users to download them?  The simple answer is marketing.  Marketing is needed to bring your app to your audience's attention, inviting them to download it. If you'd like to ramp up the marketing of your app, look no further. Here are the top 10 tips you'll need.

The Mobile App Industry

Globally, smartphone usage is at an all-time high, with internet connectivity available in even the most poverty-stricken areas. To date, there are more phones than there are people in the world, and the number of apps to have ever been downloaded has long passed the 2 billion mark. 

The mobile app industry continues to grow, especially in the current state of a digitally accelerated world. This has seen an increase in the use of subscription-based models and e-commerce apps. In changing with the times, productivity, gaming, services, and streaming apps have been among the most popular apps. Among the current trends with apps are the use of automated advertising and chatbots and an increase in user data security and video content. 

Nexa marketers suggest that businesses with apps create a marketing strategy that focuses on reach, acquisition, and retention. One of the acquisition stage's critical elements is an increase in downloads; however, it should be viewed within a broader context for optimal results over time. Once people download the app, you need to give them an experience that leaves them satisfied with the actions taken and eager to revisit the app.

One of the best ways to do this is to use personalization and having an onboarding process ready to go for new users. By working with an agency, you can also ensure you develop and prioritize the best possible data security settings to protect your users and your business.

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Top 10 Tips for Mobile App Marketing:

A Strong Showcase

Consider the way your app is presented in the app store. This should be thought of as a person's first impression of a brand and one that will be lasting and highly influential in their decision to download your app - or not.

Consider the icon carefully, utilize all of the space you have (by uploading the maximum amount of visuals), and ensure you show what the app interface looks like as well. The description you include needs to be detailed so that it can be explained in full. Some people prefer to read about what you're offering and the solution your app presents. Others are more visual, so ensure that you have both images and videos that have been professionally shot and edited to display what your app experience is like. 

App Store Optimization

App stores each have their own set of rules, which you'll need to learn, understand, and follow for best practices. Then consider the key factors that influence how your app will perform within that store to optimize. This includes conducting in-depth keyword research and tailoring your layout concerning the description and icons used. Regional success is influential for ASO, so work on gaining that momentum. Once you do, branch out to new locations (with the language options to support it) to reach a wider audience who will download your app.


The importance of generating positive reviews cannot be underestimated. This is the social proof and stamp of approval that governs many people's decisions regarding purchases, downloads, and recommendations. This can also work well for you in terms of loyalty, as highly rated reviews will encourage new users and shine a positive light on current users who have experienced your app and are satisfied with it.

Landing Page

Every app should have a landing page at the very least. If you have a website, then a starting point would be to target those who have interacted with your website before. Segment your audience into viable categories and target them using curated efforts to improve your chances of success with downloads. As an extension of this targeting, consider directing efforts towards lookalike audiences who will have higher chances of following through with a download. 


Marketing your app is of the utmost importance. While each step on this list could fall under this heading, we're pointing out some specific techniques to increase your download rates. Work with Influences, as they have engaging audiences and are seen as trusted sources.

Other email techniques to focus on are email, content (blogs) and social media marketing. Direct messaging is another avenue that is becoming increasingly useful. Using a combination of these methods will boost your efforts, just ensure that the call to action is clear and include all of the relevant links and that the process is simple for the user. 


There are many avenues for an app to be marketed. Many businesses and developers' goal is to hold a spot among the top chart lists of a particular category. There are performance-based structures for advertising in line with this, where you pay per impression, click or download. Consider advertising widely across various channels includes search engines and social media.


Incentives are a great way to encourage more downloads. If you have in-app purchases, consider offering a free launch or special offer. Many apps offer promotions that encourage the app usage. You can also encourage incentives for people who refer or review your app in the app store. This could be as simple as gaining extra credits within a loyalty program, a discount code, or a unique access feature. 


For people to download an app, there needs to be a need for it and a desire to make use of your particular app instead of the competition. By focusing on the experiences people are having with your app and satisfying those people with updates and improvements, you will increase your app's retention rates and app starts. This then influences your app store optimization, which will increase your chances of performing well in the store and reaching more people who can download your app. 


Consider partnerships as a way for your app to grow. This will grant you powerful affiliations and access to a dedicated audience. It can also improve the user experience of your app. There are various ways to implement partnerships, whether it's two complementary apps or partnering with a particular brand to promote their products in a specific campaign. 

Public Relations and Referrals

Word of mouth is still one of the most influential forces, and in online terms, this translates to sharing. Encourage users to share your app and their experience with it in various ways so that your network increases. Ensure that you have some public relations campaigns running so that you're getting third party content related to your app, as well as referrals from your current users. 

That wraps up our top 10 tips on driving more app downloads. By following these marketing tips, you'll be on your way to growing your user base and gaining more popularity within the app stories. 

Bonus Tip:  Consider Exclusivity

We've recently spoken about a new social media app that's captured our attention called Clubhouse.  A large part of Clubhouse's success ha come from creating a sense of exclusivity, be restricting access to the app on specific devices (initially iPhone users only) as well as creating an invitation-only access system.  This type of strategy creates hype and drives attention, while also allowing the app developers to test the app for bugs or other user-specific issues before rolling it out to the masses.  Read more about Clubhouse here.

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