Content Marketing in Dubai: How to Make Sales and Marketing Teams Happy [Updated 2021]

Ben Goodman October 15, 2015

It's the same old adage that causes conflicts within a company...the marketing department is providing leads and wonder why they aren't closing while sales are not closing because marketing have not provided the right leads. So, how do we build a strategy that breaks down these silos and makes your marketing efforts win?

It Makes Sense for Sales and Marketing to Work Together

Content marketing in Dubai is a strategy that heavily involves your sales and marketing teams. With this combined input, the results satisfy both groups. Use this guide to see how to close the gap between sales and marketing. 

customer questions in content marketing in dubai

Step 1: Answer the Questions Your Customers are Asking

The best way to build an inbound strategy is to understand and answer the questions that your prospects are asking. Who sees customers on a daily basis and faces these questions on the front line?  You guessed it...sales!   If implemented correctly you will get your customers to ask and find the answers to these questions for themselves on your website. 

Think about when someone buys a car. No longer does someone walk into a car showroom and start asking questions. For the most part they already know; what model, how many doors, what colour, what engine size and many more. 

Where do you think they asked found the answers to these questions? Online. 

Allow your customers to do their research in a way that they feel comfortable. This way, when your customer is ready to speak to you, they are already 3/4 of the way down your sales funnel. How much would your sales team love that?

Step 2: Build a Framework that Works for Both

A big part of content marketing in Dubai are touch points. A touch point is when your potential customer interacts with you in any form. They could read blogs, visit your website, interact on social media etc. It is important to work on a strike point that works for both department. You will find that this is an evolving goal and it may take some time to get it right. How many touches does my potential customer have to make before they are ready to speak to us? How do we ensure that our customer is being nurtured through the tunnel? 

content marketing in dubai nailed it
Build a framework that works for both. Remember that you cannot set this in concrete as it will change. Just make sure both teams understand and contribute to the process with the intention of continually improving the process.


Step 3: Establish Inter-departmental Goals

Again, this will start as a moving goal post until you both understand your customer. Establish a goal for all potential customers or personas and make both teams contribute to them. 

The success here comes from buy in.  Specifically, sales need to be upfront and tell the marketing team what they want and how 'warm' they want the client. Sales and marketing will be surprised by the success rate if this strategy is implemented correctly. 

Step 4: Market, Sell, Analyze, Rinse, Repeat...

Someone told me 'if you do not analyse you cannot improve'. It is so true. However don't destroy moral with paralysis by analysis. Focus on what is important and more importantly WHY?

Content marketing is a strategy that involves complete buy in from all levels. Make sure all parties are involved throughout the process and let them understand why it is important to them.  Here are some tips that will help:

  • Invest in a renowned platform like Hubspot. You will get the reports that you want, you can even design them to give you what you want. 
  • Focus on what is working from both a sales and marketing perspective and build on this. If something is not working, change it or kill it. 
  • Think about the importance of each of the aspects of inbound marketing, some areas of it are designed for more than just pure lead generation. 
Time to take action

There are many facets and lots to understand with this type of marketing. But believe me, you and the rest of your departments will love the results if you implement content and inbound marketing correctly. 

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