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authorShannon Correia dateJun 14, 2022 12:46:20 PM

Hashing Out Hashtags: The Power & Purpose of Keywords in Social Media

What’s in a hashtag? These tags are more than just words you stuff in at the end of a caption. In this article, we’ll be hashing out the purpose of ...
authorToni Becker dateJun 14, 2022 12:43:19 PM

Facebook Ads Manager Updates to Know in 2022

Facebook Ads Manager updates usually happen in the blink of an eye and one day, marketers will wake up having to relearn everything they once knew ...
authorShannon Correia dateJun 14, 2022 12:42:59 PM

How to Master Social Commerce

In today’s world, this, that, and the other is happening online. Just a few years ago we were speaking about the rise of eCommerce, and now online ...
authorShannon Correia dateJun 14, 2022 12:42:58 PM

The Most Successful Brands on TikTok

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on TikTok who doesn’t want to become successful on the app. This is especially true for brands who are doing ...
authorShannon Correia dateJun 14, 2022 12:42:55 PM

Is Instagram Dead? Instagram in the Spotlight

Murmurs about the death of Instagram have been circulating for the last couple of years. Let’s delve into the truth behind this, analyzing where the ...