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authorToni Becker dateDec 28, 2022 12:55:00 PM

The Importance of Building a Community for your NFT Project

As a subset of blockchain technology and a power part of the Web3 space, NFTs are on a significant growth trajectory. Individuals are able to mint ...
authorToni Becker dateSep 19, 2022 1:03:00 PM

What is a Web3 Artist?

Throughout history, artists have had a tough time dealing with middlemen and corporations profiting from their talent and hard work. Now, the ...
authorToni Becker dateSep 14, 2022 1:02:00 PM

Snapchat’s AR Functionalities are Being Tested on NFTs

Snapchat remains a widely popular social media app among millions of users, especially in the Middle Eastern region. After a long history of being a ...
authorToni Becker dateSep 12, 2022 4:21:00 PM

The Creator Economy and the Rise of Web3

You have probably heard of the creator economy by now. But what exactly is it?
authorToni Becker dateAug 29, 2022 4:48:00 PM

How NFTs are Changing the Music Industry

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on blockchain technology, meaning they cannot be replicated. NFTs represent ...
authorShannon Correia dateJul 20, 2022 2:40:00 PM

Extending Expiring Copyrights with NFTs: Secure Your Copyright

There are a vast array of digital assets that fall under the NFT umbrella. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and strengthen its role in ...
authorToni Becker dateJul 11, 2022 11:23:00 AM

Celebrities Who Have Launched NFTs

About 2 years ago, a force began to make its way through the digital sphere and a new era was ushered in - the era of the Non-Fungible Token, ...
authorToni Becker dateJul 4, 2022 5:40:00 PM

Instagram and NFT Integration: What Does this Mean?

With a user base of one billion people and a strong focus on aesthetics and art, the world has been waiting for Instagram to begin expanding into the ...