Business Opportunities in the Metaverse

authorShannon Correia dateJul 7, 2022 10:06:43 AM

The metaverse is ever-growing and filled with numerous business opportunities. As this space continues to evolve, businesses are finding new ways to establish themselves virtually. Read on to learn all about how your business can take full advantage of these opportunities.

Business and the Metaverse

Businesses operating in the metaverse are helping to share the space and have begun trading with virtual products, experiences, and services. The immersive world of the metaverse is expected to continue growing over the next decade, as it is still in its early days. This is as the infrastructure, interface, virtual tools, and economic infrastructure continues to develop.

Augmented and virtual reality presents limitless opportunities which businesses the world over are preparing for. A fundamental start for business owners and execs is to consider their offering in relation to their potential in the future, where the world and the way we use the Internet will be reimagined. This will help your team to visualize a mission and the necessary set goals to achieve it. What exists in the real world can be translated into the virtual world.

As the metaverse is being built up, there are numerous things that are needed - and it can be done without the traditional limits of the physical world. That is to say, the opportunity for businesses is not only about a digital version of their current offering, but rather a new way or solution. That said, the technology required to make this happen and to offer it properly, investments by the business are needed.

The metaverse is a space where decentralization is commonplace, which offers people the chance to trade without the usual regulatory authorities. There are various types of technology that come into play including AR, IoT, AR cloud, spatial technology, and accessories like headsets and glasses that help bring this world to life.

Business Opportunities in the Metaverse

Let’s dive into the various opportunities for businesses in the metaverse:

  • Artifacts and accessories for digital avatars
  • Products in virtual and immersive retail settings
  • Digital art and collectibles
  • Gaming experiences
  • Data service providers
  • Advertising
  • Digital assets and real estate
  • Service interactions related to business communications and educational resources
  • Immersive social events and entertainment experiences

Based on the above, it is clear that businesses can dabble in various opportunities in the metaverse, rather than having to focus on one aspect of it. For many businesses, their start in the metaverse has begun with the selling of NFTs, in the form of digital collectables. There are many big-name brands that have already established themselves including Nike, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Zara.

metaverse opportunities for businesses

It is not only businesses that stand to benefit from opportunities in the metaverse. The education sector is a primary example of this, with enhanced and immersive virtual learning environments for various fields. Employee engagement is also expected to grow in the metaverse, with new ways to engage and collaborate in virtual workplaces.

Likewise, the retail industry is already taking off in the metaverse. With a move towards virtual shopping, the metaverse presents a highly immersive platform and experience for shoppers.

The metaverse is a world in which people can interact, work, and play. Businesses that are present in the metaverse as it rises are cementing their place in the future, effectively catering to the future of online experiences. This will allow them to get ahead of the challenges and the wave as the metaverse expands.

Brands operating in the metaverse have reported the following benefits:

  • Brand awareness and activations
  • Brand positioning
  • Virtual showrooms and launches
  • Connections
  • Engagement
  • Sales

Brands entering the metaverse should consider whether their audience is there (yet). It also needs to be aligned with the long-term business outlook and strategy. Once entering the metaverse, finding the best way to connect with your audience is key, to providing them with memorable and favorable virtual experiences.

How Your Business can Operate in the Metaverse

Businesses can enter the metaverse by getting started on a platform. There are many to choose from, and from this base, you can teleport around to explore this virtual world. Businesses that want to trade in the metaverse need to invest in the assets that will contribute to the development of this virtual space.

Nexa is here to help as an agency dedicated to being a frontrunner in alignment with the developments of web3. Speak with us about your business and we'll guide the way on how you can prepare for the future by entering the metaverse to capitalizing on its many opportunities.

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