authorAmit Vyas dateJul 28, 2023 11:35:46 AM

10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels [Updated for 2023]

Updated 2023. Digital marketing for hotels and the hospitality industry, in general, isn't easy. Constantly increasing competition, not just from new ...
authorNexa dateSep 5, 2022 2:15:00 PM

With Web3 Still in Development, Is Web2.5 the Answer?

With excitement and palpable anticipation for Web3 and all its promises, the real world of today is still a far way from reaching it. That is because ...
authorNexa dateAug 31, 2022 2:12:00 PM

Everything You Need to Know About ERC Smart Contracts

In the simplest of terms, ERC-721 is a standard interface for NFTs. These can also be referred to as deeds. In this article, we’ll be taking a look ...
authorToni Becker dateAug 29, 2022 2:05:00 PM

How NFTs are Changing the Music Industry

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on blockchain technology, meaning they cannot be replicated. NFTs represent ...
authorToni Becker dateAug 22, 2022 1:23:00 PM

Why the Latest Evolution of the Internet is Focused on Data Privacy

The internet is changing and the online world is heading toward a decentralized internet known as Web 3.0.
authorShannon Correia dateAug 10, 2022 1:14:00 PM

From M-Class Planets to the Metaverse

The term 'metaverse' sounds like it comes right out of a science fiction movie. When you begin exploring what it’s all about, that notion becomes ...
authorShannon Correia dateAug 8, 2022 1:09:00 PM

4 Noteworthy Mega Trends in the Advertising World

PwC has published their annual Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022–2026. It contains a five-year forecast for consumer and advertising ...
authorShannon Correia dateAug 3, 2022 12:50:00 PM

What Sets Sustainability Apart From Greenwashing?

It’s become the norm for almost every company out there to commit to being sustainable. Sustainability is an elusive word holding much promise and ...