How to Improve Content by Making It Interactive

authorShannon Correia dateJul 7, 2022 10:05:06 AM

As the realm of digital marketing continues to expand, strategies and content need to develop in the same fashion. One of the major benefits of digital content is that you can share content in various forms, moving beyond strictly text-based 2D formats. While sharing multi-media has been around for the last few years, interactive content is the next step. Here’s a guide on how you can improve your content by making it interactive.

The Benefits of Interactive Content

Interactivity adds another dimension to content. The reader or viewer enjoys this because it offers a direct means of engaging, as opposed to adding comments or liking it in a reactionary matter. By having interactive content, you’re inviting the audience to contribute and become a participant.  

With millions of content published daily, it helps to have an interactive element in your content, as it ensures you have the attention of the audience, which is key. It is also a great way to present your audience with personalized content, which resonates well. Not only is a great for the viewer though, but it is great for marketers, too.

Interactive content can provide a wealth of information for marketers. There is a wealth of data that can be measured and analyzed to derive insights about what content your audience is responding to, and how. Beyond insights, you can also generate more conversions with interactivity. It’s a marker for your brand and a feature that can set you apart from your competitors.

While including interactivity can be relatively simple, it is important that your team conducts all of the necessary tests. Encountering errors or pages that are not responsive on mobile, for example, can backfire and provide a hindrance to the user experience. 

interactive content

How to Add Interactive Elements to Your Content

Let’s look at some of the ways you can make your content more interactive. 

  • Polls: Creating a poll on social media or adding one to your website is a simple way to add an interactive element to your content. It takes next to no effort and can be applied across a wide range of topics. 
  • Quizzes: Another fun way to include interactivity is through quizzes. Create a quiz that interests your audience and provides them with high-value content. This can help you close deals - for example, a furniture store can create an interior design style quiz that helps your audience find relevant products on your website to add to their carts and wish lists.
  • Clicks: Whether its a map, timeline, or an infographic, a well-designed bit of content that includes graphics and text can include interactive content - whether its an expansive bubble or a helpful link with more information, this is a great way to present condensed information, without missing out on the extra detail where necessary. 
  • Calculators: Calculators are a handy tool for people to assess their personal situation in relation to a service you offer. This can be included on your website for quick quotes, with a CTA link that follows. This is a great way to increase - and qualify - your leads.
  • Videos: For a more in-depth interactive element, consider including shoppable video content. This can be a great way to get the viewer involved and to make it easy to watch, click, and buy. For a simpler way to include interactive video, make full use of the features available with live streaming.
  • Academic information: While interactivity may seem simplistic at times, it can also create an enhanced experience of otherwise heavier information. For example, by having interactive elements in a magazine or whitepaper, you can include extra tidbits of information in an exciting way.
  • Games: Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind with interactive content, gamification can be helpful depending on what type of content you’re sharing. This will require someone skilled to create the motion graphics and will be especially helpful if your brand is entering into the metaverse
  • Email marketing: Interactivity is not solely for the website or social media channels. Having interactive images in your emails is also a simple way to encourage intentional engagement with your content. 
  • Questionnaires: As the saying goes, seek and you shall find. Surveys and questionnaires are a great way to collect data that encourages customer feedback and provides helpful insights. This is great for in-depth customer understanding. 

Improve Your Content 

Content marketing remains an ever-important element of marketing mixes the world over. Marketers are required to create and share valuable content that best presents and represents your brand’s messages. By including elements of interactivity, you can improve the user experience for your audience on a variety of channels, as well as improve your data insights that will help further improve your content. 

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