Guide to PR for Automotive Businesses

Shannon Correia October 14, 2021

Public relations is an external but all-important element that builds brand perceptions. It is especially important for the automotive business since reviews are relied upon when consumers make these kinds of purchases. Here’s a guide on how to make PR work for your automotive business. 

Let’s Talk About Automotive PR 

There are many benefits of having a PR strategy in place. Arguably two of the best of these benefits are improving a business’s ranking and credibility in the industry. This is evident when a brand name is circulating, with added links and talk about it to improve its ranking and credibility for both search engines and target audiences. 

How do you become the talk of the town - in a positive way? Well, there are many mechanisms, but it starts with a valuable product. There are all sorts of automotive businesses, from dealerships to workshops. Be sure to deliver on your mission and promise to your customers. From this basis, you can begin working towards gaining brand awareness and visibility. 

Key drivers of PR include journalists, PR agents, bloggers, and influencers. They have relationships and degrees of influence over an audience which is a valuable source to tap into. Getting them on board and excited about your brand is key. There are many ways to achieve this, from partnerships to press releases and media events. Building these connections is vital, though it should be noted that it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get publicity for it. You’ll need to gain the trust of these third parties and turn them into advocates so that you can reap the rewards of social proof. 

Influential bodies and people have become increasingly selective in what they share with their audiences. Consumers too have become more brand-conscious, supporting businesses that align with their values. When it comes to automotive businesses, there is often a long-term view on this, with nostalgic brand names and loyal followers. Wherever you fit in the automotive industry, appealing to these emotions is key. It is also important to be seen as valuable and trustworthy since cars are one of the most expensive assets people own and rely upon. 

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When your automotive business begins vying for PR, you’ll need to monitor your brand name mentions. This will ensure you’re able to manage brand perceptions and avoid PR crises. It is an incredibly valuable vehicle (excuse the pun) to reach audiences in a way that direct marketing efforts are unable to achieve. This is because your brand perception and presence cannot exist in its own bubble. When you’re able to expand upon this, you’ll be growing your brand’s community.

So, how is this achieved?

branding for automotive brands

A Guide to PR 

Remember, PR takes time to build traction over time. It requires consistent work and effort with a long-term view, especially when it comes to the automotive industry. Managing your brand’s presence can make or break your business, so be sure to handle PR efforts and activities with care. The importance of this in building an established brand with brand loyalty cannot be underestimated. 

Let’s recap the method to gaining publicity for your automotive brand. 

PR Strategy 

  1. As we mentioned, it starts with having a solid brand and product. 
  2. From there, you can plan for the kind of publicity you hope to gain, and put plans in place to achieve this. This includes reaching out to the relevant PR gurus. 
  3. Next, you’ll need to prepare the content or experience you’ll be sharing with them. Get creative with it, whether it's hosting an interactive event or creating photos and videos, there are many exciting ways to convert your message that’ll generate excitement. 
  4. Once this is ready, reach out in a meaningful way so that long-term working relationships are formed. PR can result in feature stories (digital and/or print) and social media posts.
  5. Finally, your team needs to track and monitor the industry landscape and online spaces for all mentions of your brand.

Remember, when it comes to automotive brand perceptions, your audience will rely upon their knowledge, word of mouth, and research. PR can be a vital driver for all three of these aspects. Having this holistic view will prove helpful when designing your strategy. 

Benefits of PR 

  • Publicity helps with link building, boosting SEO
  • You’ll gain more reach, traffic, and visibility
  • Your brand’s position will be improved
  • Gaining credibility
  • Managing your brand and reparation
  • Greater opportunities to generate leads and sales 
  • Positive reviews and testimonials 

Work with an Agency for Specialist PR

Nexa can help you with all of the PR needs for your automotive business. From strategy to content, reputation management, and reporting, we've got you covered. What’s more, we have experience working with automotive brands. Ready to get started? Speak with us today.