How to reach customers in an ad-saturated digital world

authorCaryn Oram dateMarch 15, 2023


In today's digital arena, more and more people are online than ever before. It's well-established that the consumer now has access to more information and is conducting online research before purchasing a product. This has become a huge part of their buyer's journey. Not only this, online users are bombarded with advertising from all angles as businesses vie to capture their attention, and, ultimately, face a complete overload. What's more, consumers are utilising ad blockers and ad-free versions of platforms at an increasing rate, making it even more difficult to reach them via placed advertising methods.

Reaching your target audience in this climate becomes a massive challenge for businesses. How does one get their advertising to stand out from such an enormous crowd? The issue applies across all platforms too; social media platforms, search engines, websites, and email inboxes are all being flooded constantly. The challenge is actually twofold, as businesses must compete with so many competitors, and not annoy the customer with a barrage of advertising at the same time. It is a tricky path to navigate, and businesses have to develop a strategy that factors in both components.

So, how exactly would one go about doing this? There are several tactics businesses can implement to rise above the noise. Primarily, focusing on the quality of your advertising campaigns is a far better approach than churning out as many ads as possible. Designing fewer eye-catching, relevant ad campaigns that specifically appeal to your target audience has a much better chance of landing well than a high volume of generalised ones.

Businesses should also focus on the types of material they utilise for advertising, and invest resources into areas like content marketing or influencer marketing in order to build up a library of material that is varied. Implementing alternatives in tandem with more traditional marketing approaches may also help your business to reach its target audience at higher rates due to accessing different channels through alternative marketing platforms or approaches. Diversifying your approach is another way you can push your advertising without creating multiple generic pieces, by simply taking your well-curated content and adapting it to each platform you utilise.

Personalisation and customer relationships are also key components when it comes to standing out and creating a strong, lasting impression with your target audience. Consumers today are increasingly wary or avoidant when it comes to faceless corporations intent on selling them something. Businesses must focus on creating connections and relationships that consumers feel are valuable. In some sense, fostering connections in this manner is simply another form of generating quality marketing, as opposed to high-volume generic marketing.

Ultimately, reaching your target audience comes down to quality material, varied marketing channels, and fostering real connection with consumers. Achieving the perfect balance with these components will ensure that your brand stands apart from your competitors, generates leads, and drives conversions. At NEXA, we help businesses both achieve and surpass that balance and create growth. Speak to us about your business's digital marketing strategy.