HubSpot for Real Estate - The New Way to Generate Leads and Make Sales in 2022

authorToni Becker dateApril 21, 2021

The impact of 2020 on the real estate business was vast. Due to lock-down, self quarantine and social distancing across the world, in-person selling became and still is (2 years later) incredibly challenging. And due to these new challenges, real estate brokers, developers and agents have had to strategize and invest in new technologies and marketing processes to gain quality leads and make sales. Real estate marketers have to go digital, with social media marketing, virtual property tours, targeted lead generation tactics and in-depth campaign analytics. 


Before the age of the internet, buyers and sellers would search for real estate agents through traditional means, but today, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a mere 22% of buyers are looking at newspapers to find home listings, while 8% are turning to family and friends for referrals, and almost 44% are going online to find a real estate business. 

With the above statistics in mind, you need to have a strong online presence in order for your real estate business to thrive. Real estate agents can also no longer waste time, money and resources chasing cold leads, and this is why real estate marketers need to devise and implement strategies that target the relevant audience, while gathering in-depth data on prospects. By collecting data and understanding a prospects buyer intent, marketers are able to qualify leads before passing their details on to the sales team. 

So, how is this achieved? Customer Relationship Management software, of course!

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a specialised software that is designed to help manage marketing efforts, lead generation, customer data and sales. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with all online marketing tactics including social media and email, and facilitates team communication - perfect for the real estate industry. 

Introducing HubSpot for Real Estate Marketing in 2022

HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the ideal inbound marketing and digital marketing solution for real estate in 2022 as it offers a single and easily accessible platform for all your digital marketing, lead generation and sales efforts. 

The digital marketing opportunities on HubSpot are vast, and you are able to run, manage and track all your digital marketing tactics through the platform, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience - increasing your brand awareness substantially. With Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and email marketing in one place, your audience is sure to find your business online. 

What HubSpot Can Do for Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts:

Sales lead generation for real estate in 2022 is about investing time into getting to know those who have shown interest in your properties, and learning more about them through social media, online forms, engaging content, and follow up emails. HubSpot provides a platform that allows you to do all of the above. 

  • Social Media Marketing

    Every business needs a strong social media presence, but HubSpot allows you optimize your social media marketing through integration and automation. When it comes to real estate marketing in 2022, targeted social media lead generation campaigns are vital and HubSpot offers the ideal platform to implement these campaigns.

    You can easily link HubSpot to your social media pages which allows you to keep track of all your social media campaigns and communications, and you are also able to engage with your social media audience through the platform, helping to build strong relationships and develop trust.
    With social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn offering advanced lead generation advertising opportunities, you are able to create campaigns through HubSpot that engage with potential leads. Through HubSpot you can collect information on these leads and learn more about their intent to purchase - and this is where lead forms come into play. 

  • Lead Generation Forms

    Every time a visitor clicks on your social media campaign and is taken through to your website, or a visitor finds your website through the search engines, they should be able to share their information. Without this tactic in place, how do you expect to convert your visitors into customers? HubSpot allows you to create advanced leads forms for your website and landing pages, and by creating these forms, you are able to collect your potential customers contact information as well as other helpful data, which allows for your agents to follow up with them at a later stage.
    These forms are available for any landing page, blog post, or website page that is hosted by HubSpot. You can also add these forms to external pages by installing the HubSpot tracking code on your external site, you are also able to install a HubSpot form to a WordPress site using the HubSpot WordPress plugin.  
    An advantage to using HubSpot for online forms, is that all data automatically flows into the HubSpot CRM. Once you have collected the data, it will be updated on the CRM and you are able to use this information to send out email campaigns and nurture your leads.

  • Relationship Development and Lead Nurturing

    Real estate agents and brokers need to create strong and trusted relationships with potential clients and current clients if they want to succeed in the industry. One of the most important parts of creating strong relationships is through personalized communication, consistency and being dependable, and if a real estate agent is busy, it is easy to let important emails and phone calls slip through the cracks. This kind of behaviour will make a real estate agent seem unreliable which will immediately create distrust between the agent and the prospect. This is where newsletters and personalized emails become important. By sending your prospective buyers and investors personalized, informative and relevant emails, you have the power to convert your contacts into warm leads.

    You can also take advantage of HubSpot’s email marketing automation platform. This platform allows you to create timed sequences of mails that will be sent out to each contact. This kind of email-driven marketing is a powerful tool for lead generation and offers a way to warm up a lead. This is done with tailored email campaigns that showcase your products, upcoming events, white papers, informative blog content or case studies.

    HubSpot’s CRM also ensures dependability and provides tracking and accountability so that realtors are able to easily follow through with what they have promised their clients or potential clients. For example, if an agent promises a lead that they  will be in contact with them on a certain day, they can log this into the CRM and the system will make sure that they follow through on this. 

  • Digital Marketing Automation

    HubSpot’s CRM allows for the automation of digital marketing which saves real estate agents and brokers an enormous amount of time and resources. Real estate teams only have so much time in a day, and spending this time on menial tasks can become frustration which leads to human error and lost sales. HubSpot solves this marketing and sales issue by automating marketing tasks and systems, ensuring your marketing and sales team no longer have to worry about wasted time.
    For example, real estate agents no longer have to type out long, personalised email communications to get word out about what they are selling, and are now able to use online tactics to generate leads through HubSpot and in turn, automated and personalized emails will be sent to leads through the HubSpot platform.

    All communication will be based on where the lead is within the buyer’s funnel and the content within the communication will consist of helpful and valuable messaging that entices the prospect as opposed to simply trying to “sell, sell, sell.”

    This process is done through what is known as “workflows.” Workflows are a great example of what HubSpot can do in terms of marketing and sales automation for real estate. This application automates as little or as much of your marketing efforts as you choose and is completely measurable. The HubSpot workflow taps into the entire platform which allows for the creation of items such as email lists that are built on specific lead criteria - and HubSpot will then schedule these emails based on the sales funnel and lead intent - sending the right message, to the right lead, at the optimal  time. 

    With this kind of digital marketing automation, real estate agents and brokers no longer have to sift through large databases and try to determine which leads should receive emails. Instead, they can now learn about their leads and where they are in the sales funnel due to HubSpot’s analytics, and they can let the CRM system take on the menial work while they make sales. 

In Summary

CRMs are becoming increasingly important for real estate agents as this software ensures that all digital marketing and lead generation efforts are trackable - which makes it easier to assess buyer intent. At its core, a CRM such as HubSpot aligns your marketing and sales departments, ensuring high quality leads, and increased sales - and your agents can spend more time selling as opposed to doing menial tasks and wasting time on low-quality leads. 

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