Tips on How to Master Social Media Advertising

authorShannon Correia dateDecember 10, 2021

Advertising plays a key role in inbound marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll be discussing the value and importance of your audience, as well as the need-to-know tips to ensure your ad campaigns are relevant and able to meet your goals.

The Role of Ads on Inbound Marketing 

The vast majority of social media platforms have become business-friendly, enabling the creation and distribution of ads. That said, we’ll be focusing on Facebook and Instagram in this article, since they’re among the top platforms for businesses to use, and both fall under the Meta brand.

Since social media platforms have become so intrinsic to society, businesses have found their place in these spaces. But with organic reach becoming more and more difficult to ascertain, the advertising opportunities they present can be incredibly helpful. The benefits of social media ads are well known throughout marketing circles, from their affordability to their flexibility and ability to yield high-performing results. 

Social media platforms are known to continually evolve, making room for updates, features, and regulations. Being a social media ads manager requires one to be in the loop of all these changes to ensure your strategy is in line with best practices. Ads placed on these platforms assist potential customers through their journey along the sales funnel. 

It is a supportive measure that can serve multiple purposes. A good advertising strategy is key to getting your content seen among your audience since they’re inundated with information online. Social media ads also need to line with your overall editorial calendars and ad campaigns. This is an extension of the promotions you’re running, not a separate campaign - that is how you maximize your advertising resources and performance. 

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It’s All About the Audience

Once you publish ads on social media, there is also a wealth of information that can be learned about your audience. Be sure to include a Pixel when posting to Facebook. It is a coding snippet that is the key to unlocking incredible valuable insights that will further enhance your ad campaigns. With this, you can create better audiences based on actual data relating to your ads. Support these custom audiences by creating lookalike ones to increase reach. The Pixel is part of an Ad Account, and there are associated ones with other platforms like HubSpot, too.

Audiences are so important because it sets the tone of the old adage of reaching people at the right place, and at the right time. It also means your decisions and promotions can be data-driven and therefore more targeted and successful. Ultimately, it touches on two key factors for successful advertising going forward: data and relevancy. 

Facebook and Instagram adverts can all be set and managed in the Ads Manager. This helps you keep track of the information relating to your campaign and set goals for it. 

Another element that advertisers need to consider is which ad is right for that audience. By that I mean, where are they in the sales funnel? You should be creating various ads for the different stages. In addition, the ad itself needs to fit the look and feel that your audience would want to see. It’s less about your own branding being punted, and more about what would fit seamlessly into their feed. It either needs to flow as an extension of your organic content or be clearly but simply labeled as an ad. 

A Brand Extension

Remember, not all ads need to be directed towards selling. Ads should be seen as an extension of a brand’s content. These are what help keep your brand top of mind and can influence the sentiments people have towards it. Ads should also not be your sole focus on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Including organic content is important too, as it will help you to develop your overall presence. Audiences also don’t want to be faced with a constant barrage of ads, so this will help fill the gaps with a soft sales and natural approach. 

Determining Ad Spend 

When it comes to ad spending, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost per acquisition. Each business, regardless of its size or the purpose of the ad, needs to decide how much each new desired action is worth. Once you have this rate, you can allocate the funding and measure ROI once the campaign wraps up. If your ad campaign performs well, it should theoretically result in more sales. If this is not happening, it may point to other issues in your sales pipeline. 

Mix It Up

When it comes to your social media ads, be sure to include different formats. There are a number of different options for advertisers to utilize, and including a mix in your strategy will do well to show diversity and ensure your content is presented in the best possible way. Finally, remember to include the full spectrum of content for ads, from copy to imagery, and the all-important video content. 

That wraps up the top tips on developing your social media advertising campaigns. By keeping audiences front of mind, you’ll be able to serve their needs better, resulting in higher-performing ads. 

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