What is Call Tracking and Lead Scoring?

authorToni Becker dateAugust 13, 2021

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business and it is vital that businesses, no matter their size, understand where their highest quality leads are coming from. Without leads, sales will inevitably slow down and businesses will stagnate, and this is why they need to develop strategies to attract their ideal customers.

There are a variety of ways businesses can attract quality leads, from strategic social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization to paid online advertising and lead magnets. One of the most important tools in the lead generation process is a Customer Relationship Management tool. This technology helps with tracking leads, monitoring engagement and storing important lead data. But lead generation doesn’t just end at the attraction stage. 


Introducing Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an important component of lead generation and helps make for a more efficient sales process. Essentially, this tactic assigns scores to your leads based on where they are at in the buying process. This helps marketers and sales representatives identify which leads are still in the nurturing stage and which leads are sales qualified. If a lead is identified as sales qualified, their details will be handed over to the sales department for further engagement. 

This tactic provides sales representatives with better-qualified leads while streamlining communication and processes between the marketing and sales departments. 

But, in order to identify your leads and understand where they are in the sales funnel, you need to gain insight into how conversations are happening between your business and your leads. By having this understanding, you are able to make the best business and marketing decisions. And this is why call tracking and lead scoring work together so seamlessly. 

Introducing Call Tracking

Call Tracking is the process of identifying how a caller found your business. Sales and marketing teams are able to use call tracking software that is able to attribute calls to the marketing channel that lead callers to contact your business. This insight allows teams to successfully measure which marketing channels and working and which require amendments. 

This system is designed to optimize marketing strategies and drive the sales process while aligning both sales and marketing teams.

How Lead Scoring and Call Tracking Work Together

As stated previously, lead scoring refers to classifying or assigning value to leads that have been generated. This score is often based on conversations that a lead has had with a business and how they have interacted with a business online. This marketing and sales method is becoming a necessity for businesses but configuring the rules for scoring requires effort and strategy. Businesses need to establish rules to analyze historical lead data and pinpoint key indicators that led to conversion. This requires analytics and strategy, which means taking a closer look at CRM or lead management software.

Of course, CRM and data generation is vital in this process however, when lead scoring meets call tracking, the process becomes more streamlined and efficient.

3 Benefits of Pairing Lead Scoring and Call Tracking

1. Better Operational Efficiency 

By pairing call tracking and lead scoring, businesses will inevitably save time and money. In fact, according to a recent study, sales teams are able to save hundreds of hours when lead scoring and call tracking are utilized. 

One of the key tactics to add to this efficiency is to implement what is known as a “post-call survey” to your lead scoring systems. This allows your teams to quickly score a lead once a conversation has taken place. These surveys are simple and easy to use and help in evaluating the quality of a lead in real-time. 

However, this can be taken a step further through Machine Learning or AI technology. This technology has the power to automate the entire lead scoring and call tracking process - removing any manual work. It will identify the quality of a lead and allow your teams to spend time working on what they do best - making more sales.

2. Better Analytics and Reporting

A lead scoring system should always provide accurate analytics and reporting. Not only will this tactic score every lead and add their data to your CRM system, but it will also provide in-depth analytics and reporting on marketing and sales performance. 

Analytics and reporting are an important part of lead generation and sales enablement and will help your marketing and sales team gain greater insight into the quality of their campaigns. This level of reporting will also help teams discover the best lead nurturing processes which in turn, will better the bottom line significantly. 

3. Better Insights and Actionable Solutions

When lead scoring and lead tracking work together, sales and marketing teams are able to gain actionable insights rather than spending time sifting through recorded calls and manually collecting information. They are able to fully understand where a lead is within the buyer's journey, and with this information, they are able to guide them further down the sales funnel through marketing tactics - strategically helping to convert a marketing qualified lead into a sales qualified lead. 

Essentially, this process allows for your teams to gain insight into your customers in real-time and in a more effective and time-efficient manner. This gives them the opportunity to take immediate action and drive the sales process forward. 

The Wrap Up

For business owners, marketers and sales representatives, the combination of call tracking and lead scoring is quickly becoming a necessity. This tactic will align teams, better internal processes, drive marketing initiatives and help sales teams make better decisions - all of which drives business growth. 

How We Can Help

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