Which one of these top 5 social networking personas are you?

authorKaavya M dateJune 27, 2015

If you think there’s no such thing as a digital persona, think again. Two years ago, MasterCard conducted a quantitative research in 9 markets and their social media usage to state otherwise. The survey captured 9,029 global responses from people ranging from ages 16 to 65 who engaged in some form of online activity at least once a week and based on their online shopping experiences.

Your personality takes a different direction when you enter the digital world and your online actions help determine the type of web user you are. This is generally based on your online intentions and how you digest and share content. In this post we have identified the top 5 social media personal types. Which one are you?




Also known as the social butterfly, your primary focus is to network and connect. You also enjoy connecting people just like connecting the dots and creating the right links. You respond to content posted by others, posts ratings and reviews of products and services, comments on blogs and forums and may also contribute to articles in a wiki. You follow your favourite brands and are up-to-date about the latest trends (you may also wear the trendsetter crown often).

The Voice


If your digital face is as an activist or an insider or even an agitator and you know how to get an engaging conversation started, you are the voice. You would who create social media content for the world to see. You publish blog posts or web pages, upload videos/images/audio and content to be shared and discussed online. The voices’ beliefs move mountains. You also provide insider insights, readership exclusives and occasionally indulge in healthy debates on topics, charities and principles you believe in.

The Listener


If you are a listener, you like to play the role of an analyst. You would reads blogs, views user-generated information, read online forums, listens to podcasts and frequently searches for user reviews and ratings. You are the kind of person who organizes content for themselves or others using RSS feeds, social bookmarking and photo or page tagging. Knowledge mining is your forte.

The Influencer


Alias thought leader, expert, the authority or celebrity. You are similar to the voice on the grounds that you would create content for the world to see – but from an authoritative perspective. Your following/audience size could be the equivalent of a state if not several countries! Your attention cannot be bought, it has to be convincing because your name is your equity. The sharer persona promote your reputation and endorse your status.

The Bystander


There are several subcategories to this type of a personality. You are skeptical about the whole internet of things. You like your old school ways and would have created your social media profiles to get access to information or because someone forced you into opening one. There are high possibilities you would not have logged in to a social network in the last 30 days and you do not want to know what your friend had for breakfast this morning.

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