The Most Successful Brands on TikTok

authorShannon Correia dateJul 7, 2022 10:00:35 AM

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on TikTok who doesn’t want to become successful on the app. This is especially true for brands who are doing their best to reach and connect with the ever-booming youthful audience scrolling through their For You pages on the daily. In this article, we’ll be defining what success on TikTok looks like, which brands are exemplifying this, and what we can learn from them when developing our own strategies. 

Success on TikTok

According to TikTok’s Foundations of Success, there are a number of helpful tips to help you grow your community on the app. To begin with, you need to narrow down your niche by honing in on one particular category. This is easier for brands to do since their brand should already have a cohesive theme and aesthetic as a starting point. If not, it’s best to begin with a rebrand to help provide a clear identity for your business to work with. 

Since TikTok is often used as a hub for entertainment, be sure to consider the types of content you’ll be sharing.

4 types of content to share on TikTok 

  • Informational
  • Vlogs
  • Step-by-step
  • Trends

Having these as categories for future content you’ll create is great, but you also need to keep in mind the fundamentals that are applicable to all four of the above. That is to say, it is vital that you develop your ability to tell stories visually through the app. A common technique is to create a compelling hook in the first 3 seconds of the video and to do this you’ll need to quickly community the context of the content to make a good impression and hold the viewer’s interest. Finally, let’s discuss the

6 key secrets to successful videos according to TikTok:

  • Know your brand
  • Set goals 
  • Lean into the TikTok community
  • Consistency is key
  • Use analytics 
  • Have fun!


The Most Successful Brands on TikTok

Based on the definition of what success on TikTok looks like, here is a look at some of the brands that are thriving and tips marketers can learn from them. 


The much-loved online British fashion retailer is a shining example of a company that puts effort into creating content for its target audience. They have a holistic strategy that features various types of content, from getting customers involved and providing them with behind-the-scenes sneak peeks to sharing styling ideas and engaging in trending topics. 


GymShark is a brand that rose to cult status via social media among the gymming community. It’s no surprise that they’re winning the TikTok game by providing an entertaining take on gymming content. Rather than vying for the oversaturated market of workout tips and routines, they focus on humor and being relatable. 


Gucci successfully promotes their designer ranges on TikTok. From taking viewers behind the scenes to showcase the workmanship behind the brand to sharing celeb features and snippets of their latest additions. They’ve successfully taken the type of luxe content that they’re known for and simply adapted it for the TikTok market. 


When you’re as established as Prada with a luxury brand name to uphold, you don’t need to engage in an overflow of content. Instead, Prada focuses on sharing a selective number of videos, which still manages to gain the engagement and traction desired. They focus on the visuals they share and maintain their colorful aesthetic and attention to detail, along with a youthful set of models. Followers can look forward to models and 360-degree outfit views in videos that are seemingly designer packaged. 


Starbucks is known and loved for its seasonal menu additions, and TikTok has proven to be the perfect space for them to share these. They focus on entertainment and incorporate transitional videos that cover everything from baristas preparing cups of coffee to trendy videos set to entertain. 


Netflix has made a name for itself in terms of marketing, with unusual yet highly engaging campaigns. Their TikTok account shows behind-the-scenes exclusive looks at fan-favorite characters and shows, plus clips from scenes that are transformed into sure-to-make-you-laugh content.


Marvel is so much more than blockbuster films. They’ve utilized their TikTok page to promote their films, TV shows, animations, and comic books by sharing interviews, trailers, and behind-the-scenes looks. They aim to please their wide fandom by catering to both new and old fans, as well as sharing their in-house talent, whether it's an actor or an artist. 


Zara videos are known to go viral on TikTok. In fact, there have been many that shot to fame through the app, whether it’s “the Zara dress” that was a staple back in 2020, or their “Red Temptation” dupe perfume. While Zara was previously known not to engage in much marketing due to their business model, they share AR videos to showcase interactive packaging (which become really exciting when they made their boxes pink), the visual merchandising in their shop windows, and in-store experiences. It’s a mix between reality and fantasy, with featured products produced by Zara’s 3D Creators. 

Fenty Beauty

You’ll often see some unexpected and cheeky comments from the Fenty Beauty brand in user videos and do a double-take. This successful TikTok account displays what their luxury cosmetic products can achieve through makeup tutorial clips. They even created a Fenty Beauty TikTok House, made specifically for creators and influencers to build a community. 


Redbull content works really well when packaged for TikTok. This account shares clips of athletes from around the world performing incredible stunts and sports, which is naturally highly engaging. They are ranked among the most successful brands on the app and the #GivesYouWings has racked up millions of views. 


Rather than just showcasing products and campaigns, Levi’s aims to share content that supports sustainability using their products. Their global campaign ‘Buy Better, Wear Longer’ exemplified this, ultimately encouraging their customers to adopt better fashion habits. They share clips and tips on cleaning and upcycling jeans. 


BMW uses professional camera techniques to share demos and behind the scenes looks at how their marketing campaigns are created. It’s greeted towards a younger audience and exciting them about the cars. They have also featured famous TikTok creators to grow their reach. Look out for their cutting-edge transitions, colors, and close-ups of the cars as they’re being made, plus the beautifully finished videos.

Tick Tock, It’s Time to Get Creating 

That wraps up our overview of the most successful brands on TikTok. By keeping in mind what it takes to be successful straight from the source itself, you’ll be setting your brand on the right path towards finding your place within the community. 

Did we list your favourite on the list? If not, be sure to let us know. We’d also love to hear what’s inspired your TikTok journey! To grow your presence on TikTok and for all other social media marketing, reach out to us at Nexa