How to Create a Podcast: A Guide for Dubai Businesses [Updated 2021]

Amit Vyas January 04, 2016

There’s a growing desire for business people to publish content that highlight’s them as experts in their field.  Previously, this opportunity was limited to those with strong media connections or who had the resources to hire a PR agency who could boast the same. But as technology and the internet has evolved, the opportunity to promote both a business and its thought-leaders has become much more accessible. Today, if your desire is strong enough and you have the will and conviction to follow and execute on that desire, getting your message out there is easier than ever.

Along with creating a personal or business blog, one of the latest opportunities is the recording and publishing of Podcasts. This is a particularly helpful medium for businesses in Dubai as podcasting is noted as being one of the most trusted forms of media in the UAE. 

What Is a Podcast?podcaster_dubai.jpg

As previously discussed in this article, Podcasts are digital audio files which are generally produced in a series. Listeners can listen to podcasts or subscribe to a series through most devices including laptops, tablets and mobiles using either pre-installed software such as the iOS Podcasts application or similar.

How to Create a Podcast

There are a number of key ingredients required to produce a professional and high-quality Podcast.  

1 - A Purpose

What are you trying to achieve by recording and publishing a regular Podcast? Setting your objectives from the outset will allow you to commit to your show until it provides you with the success and results you desire. This may take weeks, or more likely months, but as this happens your personal profile as well as the profile for your business will increase dramatically. If you are the first company (or one of the first in your industry) to launch and market a Podcast, the first mover advantage will undoubtedly help you and provide added credibility. 

2 - A Willingness to Speak the Truth

When you create and publish content of any kind, you’re putting your thoughts and yourself out there. It's important to always remember this and understand that your comments and opinions are a refection of yourself, your business and possibly your industry as a whole. My number one recommendation for anyone willing to do this is to be yourself and speak the truth at all times. Even if its negative. Your audience will appreciate your honesty, respect your integrity and be loyal to you.  

3 - Commitment

Your podcast might take time to take off.  But if you are clear with your objectives, understand and fully believe in why you’re creating this content and stay committed. It may take a while but when it takes off you will have a track record and a historical library of valuable content that people WILL listen to, even if it's some time after you publish it. It’s like watching an episode of Breaking Bad for the first time only to realise that its Episode 1 of the second season. You WILL go back and watch season 1.

4 - Equipment 

As well as the above, you clearly need the equipment and technical know-how to record and publish your own Podcasts. We discuss this in more detail in this article but aside from the recording equipment, make sure you have a sound engineer onboard who can help you to make edits and publish the content you create.

5 - An Audience

Like any TV or Radio show, you’ll need an audience of listeners who will regularly tune in, listen to your show and interact with your community. It's therefore important to leverage as much of your communication resources to make sure the message gets out about your Podcast. Your website, email signatures, blog articles, social media platforms and email newsletters are all great marketing mediums to tell your target audiences about your show.

Getting Started

Starting your own Podcast series is easier than you think. It works well for businesses the world over, Dubai included. By sharing your knowledge with listeners, you'll establish yourself and your business as credible industry leaders. 

At Nexa, we’ve invested in the equipment, technology and publishing platforms so that you as a business can record your podcasts and have them available to listeners within 24 hours.  

Completing the form on this page and our team will talk to you about the options available for your business.