How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

authorShannon Correia dateJuly 15, 2020

Digital marketing presents a myriad of opportunities for business growth. By understanding the benefits of this avenue and knowing how to implement them, your business can grow in various ways that are beneficial to your bottom line. Here’s what your business can do to grow digitally...

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Benefits of Digital Marketing

Reputation Management: With many purchasing decisions beginning online, managing the perception of your brand in the digital space is key. There are various determining factors, from your presence online and how active you are with posts (which showcase your credibility), to user reviews (from user generated content and testimonials). This is all part of building and nurturing relationships, which ideally turn customers into loyal communities.

Customer Service: Digital marketing can be seen as an extension of the brand. Through online channels, you can connect with your audience and offer them the opportunity to engage with your brand, which is an opportunity to provide and improve your service levels. Ensure you have a dedicated person or team to be responsive to nay queries or comments you receive.

Affordability: There are various affordable options available to your business in the online sphere in comparison to traditional marketing. These can be utilised to better manage your budget and ensure that you can measure your ROI on ad spend.

Boost: By utilising digital marketing, you can boost your business’s channels as a means of online expansion. Even if you don’t trade online, you can reach new target audiences and improve the customer experience. If you do operate online, digital marketing will be paramount to your business’s success.

Conversion: Digital marketing allows your business to target audiences very specifically, leading to an increase in conversion rates. You can also gain great understanding of your customer base online which will further improve leads and conversions. There are various ways for you create opportunities of conversion, which we’ll delve into below.

How to grow your business with Digital Marketing

Social media: Through social media channels, you can reach new audiences and therefore grow your audience base. This can be highly effective, especially if the content you create and share is great in terms of positioning, inspiring and calling to action. In direct terms, it will increase the traffic to your site, showcase your unique selling points and keep an audience engaged with exciting content.

Content: This simply refers to the kind of content your business creates and shares with your audience. It is through this offering that you can decisively communicate relevant and valuable information that attracts your audience. High quality content leads to engagement, with the goal being for the customer to then take action.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): These are paid ads which appear at the top of search engine result pages. They have prominent placement which improves your visibility. It is helpful in creating relevant associations for your brand and the desired content that is being searched for. The cost of these ads are often based on a pay per click (PPC) basis.

Account Based Marketing (ABM): Very relevant for B2B businesses or those selling high-ticket value products. In order to grow your business and cater to your audience efficiently, you need to target your audience very specifically. This can be achieved through ABM by better equipping marketing and sales teams with data and insights powered by personalised content, resulting in the generation of higher returns.

Email: Having and building an email list is an essential and highly beneficial means of digital marketing. It allows you to reach your audience directly and is a great way to attract existing and potential customers to your website. Through this form of communication, you can share promotional offers, inform people of new products and events to name a few. The key to an effective email strategy is in sending quality content and designs to ensure that it catches the eye and does not get lost in the inbox.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Not only does your business need quality content online, but it needs to be optimised in order for search engines to recommend it. There are ever-changing tactics to improve your SEO ranking, though it is always based on offering the searcher with a solution to what they are searching for.

Lead magnets: This refers to something of value which you offer to a customer, in exchange for them to share personal or contact details.  Lead magnets offer a great way to improve your perceived value, demonstrate your business’s capabilities or knowledge and grow your email database. These incentives can be in the form of downloadable, watchable or audible content, like an eBook, animated video or podcast. 

Paid advertising: Advertising online can take various forms. In addition to PPC mentioned above, there are various ways to create and publish paid ads on social media. Your business does not necessarily have to have an account on a specific platform - it is all about finding the most appropriate means of speaking and appealing to your audience.

With so many advantages to digital marketing, the opportunities for growth are endless. Whether you need to improve or begin your digital marketing strategy, you can opt to handle this in house or with the help of an agency.

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