Sales Lead Generation Strategies for 2023

authorToni Becker dateJuly 09, 2020

Updated 2023.

No matter your business, no matter your industry, you need to generate leads and sales opportunities.  Lead generation is the lifeblood of business success, and if you have a consistent lead generation strategy, you will reap the rewards. 

shutterstock_278414876Leads are vital because the more you generate, the more sales you have the opportunity to make.  This year, the world has gone through a collective trauma, and businesses are experiencing many losses. However, if you implement a thought-out, strategic sales lead generation campaign, you are sure to attract new business, even in these trying times. So, how do you create a stand-out lead generation campaign for 2023?

Here, we take a look at Account Based Marketing for B2B Lead Generation and why it is a powerful tool for lead generation in 2023. 

Account Based Marketing for Lead Generation in 2023

Account Based Marketing (ABM), is a strategic and highly targeted approach to business marketing, in which a business considers and communicates directly with individual prospects and accounts within a specific market. ABM leverages off personalised campaigns that are designed to engage these prospects, moulding the marketing message to suit the specific needs of the prospect or account. 

ABM is a strategy that focuses on 3 key elements:

  1. Identify key accounts

  2. Development of personalised content

  3. Content campaigns delivered to those key accounts

ABM provides an extremely targeted approach to lead generation. It is sometimes compared to outbound sales calls. However, ABM is very different. ABM has taken the best attributes of outbound and inbound marketing, and combined them to create a modern and powerful sales lead generation tool.

  • Outbound Marketing Tactics

The traditional/Outbound tactics ABM uses include the identification of key individuals and target audiences. These prospects will be reached by email or telephone, and every elevator pitch will be personalised, specifically related to the individual or the business. All of this is followed up with a face to face meeting or a follow up call - making the process more personalised than regular Inbound marketing. 

  • Inbound Marketing Tactics

Some of the Inbound marketing tactics that ABM uses include; creating helpful, informative, and high-quality content, the ability to thoroughly and intricately track the campaign, automation of further communication, and the ability to tailor and personalise all touch points. 

When these key elements are combined, a powerful B2B sales lead generation tool is created. One that combines digital marketing tactics and traditional marketing tools. 

Steps to a Successful Account Based Marketing Campaign:

Like all forms of lead generation, ABM needs to be implemented strategically and every part of the campaign needs to be unpacked and significantly thought out. 

  • Well thought-out Content Creation: Ask yourself what kind of content will relate to your target audience, and what content are they looking for online. You need to be smart with your content creation, without making it seem like a blatant sales pitch. You need to provide content that your audience wants to see, and wants to engage with. It is also important to make sure that all your content can be tracked, without this, you are unable to monitor your campaign and see what is working and what is not working. 
  • Find your Key Accounts: Once you have created the right kind of content for your audience, you need to identify the targeted accounts you want to reach. Target industry influencers, decision makers within the business, and those who have a significant role in the business you are trying to reach. 
  • Content Distribution: Once you have identified the businesses and the decision makers within the businesses, you need to figure out how you can reach them.When searching for your audience, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are great places to begin. You also need to set up measuring tools to gain insight into how they engage or react to your targeted content and communications. 

Before you launch your ABM campaign, make sure the following is in place: 

  • Your messaging is personalised and strategically tailored to specific audiences
  • Your content is shareable and is what your target audience is looking for online
  • All your tracking touch points are in place
  • Your follow up procedures are ready to be implemented, whether they be automated or manual
  • Make sure that your target audience can get in touch with your business easily. This comes down to creating a powerful call to action. 
  • Create a Powerful Call to Action

Creating a powerful Call to Action (CTA) is imperative to any lead generation campaign. You need to prompt your audience to take action and this is done through CTA buttons. Google recently released a playbook for lead generation where they stated that CTA’s should be more descriptive than they have been in the past.  For example, instead of having your CTA read “Start Here,” it should be a bit more specific and say “Download your free Ebook.” 

Learn more about Call to Actions for lead generation, here

  • Lead Nurturing

Once your potential customer has filled in their contact information, or reached out to your business, you have the opportunity to nurture a relationship with them, and have the power to convert them into paying clients. Lead nurturing is vital to a successful lead generation campaign and ABM campaign.

Lead nurturing refers to a series of emails, retargeting campaigns, telephonic communications or other possible touch points that are directed to leads based on their specific interests. A lead nurturing campaign is where you are able to use the data you have gathered on prospective clients to deliver timely and targeted information to them, to help guide them on the buyers journey. 

Learn more about lead nurturing email campaigns, here

In Conclusion:

If you put time and effort into your lead generation campaign by understanding your audience, creating relevant content, promoting that content on powerful platforms, and continuing the conversation, you will attract more leads in 2023.

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