Should my company use HubSpot?

authorToni Becker dateAugust 29, 2020

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales suite of software designed to assist businesses in attracting potential clients, converting leads, closing deals and nurturing client relationships.

The marketing world is filled to the brim with a variety of inbound marketing software, all of which promise to help your business acquire and convert leads. However, many of these platforms are outdated or do not offer a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service that is scalable, easily customisable and offers a great user experience. 


HubSpot has been created to provide a full CRM solution that is fully integrated with your marketing and sales platforms, ensuring you receive the best value for money and a return on your investment. 

Let’s take a look at 20 benefits of HubSpot and learn why you should use HubSpot for your company. 

1. All-in-One Marketing and Customer Service Platform

For marketers, having a platform that encompasses all of the above is the dream as they will no longer have to jump between different platforms to market for potential and current customers.

HubSpot is able to create and fully optimise your content, nurture leads, monitor your leads as they turn into customers and report on how your marketing efforts are progressing.

Now that you have a place to implement, monitor and track all your marketing efforts, your sales team can gain deep insight into prospects and use this to grow client satisfaction.

2. Inbound Marketing Software 

Inbound marketing has become an increasingly popular marketing strategy and this technique of marketing is designed to draw prospective customers to products or services through content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing  and digital marketing in general. 

HubSpot is designed for advanced inbound marketing and caters to every stage of the buyer's journey by using inbound marketing tactics. Why HubSpot stands out in terms of inbound marketing is that it allows you to create and personalise content and target this content to each user on their own buyers journey - ensuring the prospect receives the right marketing message at the right time. 

3. HubSpot Integration

There may be moments when your business requires the use of other platforms such as Magento or WordPress, and you may be wary of using HubSpot as you believe it will not integrate with these important platforms.

This is not the case - HubSpot has been designed for ease of use and is able to fully work alongside platforms such as these, helping you nurture leads while maintaining your website at the same time.

4. Inbound Marketing Education from the HubSpot Academy

If you require more information when it comes to Inbound marketing, from email marketing to SEO and social media marketing, HubSpot offers HubSpot Academy. This platform provides extensive online courses, certifications, and training to up-skill your staff and ensure you provide the best inbound marketing services. 

So, if you are concerned about implementing this platform due to lack of experience in this field, HubSpot has you covered and has set up productive tools to assist you in the learning process. 

5. Marketing and Sales Cohesion

Marketing and sale alignment is made possible with HubSpot. The CRM directs marketing and sales efforts toward the same prospects and completely aligns on decision and pricing. 

The software creates a comprehensive buyer's journey and buyer persona that better targets customers, increases acquisition and creates targeted ads, emailers and campaigns that are all symbiotic.

6. Identifying Prospects

HubSpot is able to identify and track IP addresses from individuals or businesses who are visiting your website.

Their activity can be closely monitored by your team, and with this kind of in-depth insight, they will know when the right time is to approach these leads - and what messaging they should use in their approach. 

7. Monitoring the Buyer’s Journey

In HubSpot you are able to view what stage of the buyer’s journey your contacts are at. This means that your sales and marketing teams can see when these contacts first became a lead, what website pages they visited, and when they became a customer.

This is a really valuable feature for any business as it allows you insight into when an individual becomes a marketing qualified lead. 

By being able to view the life cycles of your leads, you will be able to assess where they are in their buyers journey, and you will know when your sales team should approach - and what they should approach them about. 

8. Automatically Updating and Informing your Sales Team

As soon as the software receives new data about a lead, it will automatically update its records. For example; let's say that a website visitor fills out a contact form on your landing page, their information will be added to your database, and be inserted into a contact profile. Then, if this same user downloads more content from your website a few weeks later, and provides even more information in your lead form, their profile will be updated - from both a data collection side and buyer journey side. 

This assists your sales team monumentally as they have all this information available at their fingertips, which will help improve productivity and at the end of the day, improve sales. 

9. Comprehensive Reports

The HubSpot Reports tool allows you to view all the standard reports within your account and gives you the opportunity to create customised reports as well. This helps you analyse your records and activities through customised dashboards - from sales and marketing to customer service. 

By having a centralised home base for all your data, you are able to build customisable reports within seconds, send reports to the people who require them and view the data in an easy to use way. This is the perfect way for businesses to measure their return on investment.

10. Email Marketing 

HubSpot offers email marketing services that allow you to send the right information to the right people at the right time. This is done by automating your emails, allowing you to send emails to your prospects when your leads are at a specific stage in their buyer journey. 

The system is also able to detect when your leads are interactive with their inbox, and will send the mailers through at the correct time, ensuring better email open rates then through any other platform. 

The email offerings on HubSpot are designed to give you greater insight into your prospects and current clients. As stated above, through the platforms you are able to send the right information, to the right prospects at the right time. 

Through this, you are also able to receive notifications when leads and prospects or current clients open their emails and once this has been tracked, it will automatically be updated within HubSpot. This is a helpful tool for any business as it allows you to see how and when recipients engaged with your marketing material, and you can use that insight for further marketing efforts - helping them along the buyer's journey.

11. Easily Design New Email Templates

Email templates are pre-designed emails that you are able to send out without having to retype content over and over again. HubSpot offers this but also personalised email to ensure your customer receives communication and marketing material that specifically speaks to them. 

Personalisation is key to communication, lead conversion and customer retention.

12. Share meeting links and build calendars

HubSpot comes with very helpful and beneficial meeting tools that allow you to connect your calendar in order to share links with your contact to help them book a time with you. This means that your sales team can easily set up a meeting with a prospect or team member, and always be kept up to date on the meeting.

This saves time, eliminates double bookings and ensures the best customer service. 

13. Built in Marketing Calendar

You will no longer struggle with content management and organisation, as the HubSpot built in calendar does all the work for you. Through the platform your marketing team is able to schedule social media posts, blogs, website content, articles and more through the platform - weeks and even months ahead of time.

You will also be notified once your posts, emails, landing pages and blogs have been published, so your marketing team will no longer waste time on these tasks, and they will be able to do what they do best - create! 

14. Social Media Integration

There are many social media integration tools available, but HubSpot allows you to do all of the above plus social media integration. You are able to integrate all your social media accounts to the platform and schedule posts through the CRM.

You can also automatically share new website blogs to social platforms once they are published, which saves you time and stops the process of having to log in and out of numerous accounts. 

15. Creative and Effective CTAs

HubSpot gives you the ability to design your call-to-actions (CTAs) to ensure you convert users. Through this software you are able to attract new leads and convert existing leads into loyal customers while promoting your business and creating brand awareness. 

The HubSpot CTAs allow for creativity, are highly customised, and give you the opportunity to A/B test them to ensure you receive the best results.

Once you implement your CTAs, you are able to analyse performance, monitor views, clicks, locations and more. This kind of insight allows you to figure out what is working for your business and what is not, and gives you the opportunity to amend as you go. 

16. Marketing Automation

As stated previously, HubSpot is all about automation and can automate all your communications for you, for example, it will automatically email a customer once they have taken a specific action, whether this action be downloading content, signing a leads form or making a purchase.

The system knows what action the lead or client has made, and will send out communication related to that action and where they are in the customer journey, ensuring effective and personalised lead nurturing. While this automation takes place, your sales and marketing team are able to focus on their tasks, knowing that this time consuming task has been taken care of. 

 Through this platform you are also able to strategically plan what communication or content your contacts receive based on how they have interacted with earlier communications, this is what is known as Workflow, and it is one of the most valuable parts of the HubSpot system for any business.

17. Segmentation and Listing 

Any marketing and sales team would appreciate this feature of HubSpot because even though you can put together buyer persona’s, you also need to remember that each contact is an individual - and each contact is different. While some contacts may be more receptive to email marketing communication, another contact may prefer other means of communication. And HubSpot segmentation knows this, recognises this and ensures you are able to deliver the correct information to your contacts, in the right place!

From location to gender, industry to responsiveness, there are a variety of ways for you to segment your contacts. This is an advanced way of marketing and ensures you do not waste time on contacts that are not interested in certain marketing tactics. 

18. Search Engine Optimisation 

HubSpot comes with an integrated Search Engine Optimisation tool that allows you to completely optimise your content for the search engines. What sets HubSpot apart is that it has made its SEO tool easy to use, and puts all your marketing efforts in one place. 

So, how is this possible? When you create a landing page, web page or blog page, HubSpot will provide you with on-page SEO advice that will help you through the process of creation. And once your content has been published and optimised, you are able to track its performance and gain insight into what is working, and what needs to be amended for more success. By optimising your content for the search engines, you are sure to stay ahead of the competition and rise in the search results ranks. 

19. Website Edits

As we continue to state, HubSpot is a platform designed for all your online marketing, from social media and email marketing to website development and content creation. As your business is dependent on its website, you are able to change anything on your site through the platform - swiftly and efficiently. 

This saves your developers time, as anyone can do this. 

20. All the Tools you Need

HubSpot provides a variety of tools that are exceptionally powerful, and designed to help your marketing, sales and service teams achieve their goals.

These tools include:

  • Sales Hub: Email automation, email tracking and meeting scheduling.
  • Marketing Hub: Lead generation, marketing and analytics.
  • Service Hub: Knowledge base and customer feedback to help you connect with customers. 

In Conclusion

If your business wants to streamline processes, save time and money, and help your marketing, sales, and service teams reach their targets and objectives effectively, then HubSpot is the software for you.

Nexa is proud to be a Diamond-tiered HubSpot Partner and this places us in the top 2% of HubSpot Partners globally.

If you are interested in implementing HubSpot for your business, our HubSpot development team has experience integrating HubSpot's CRM with a number of platforms that can increase the efficiency and data access for your business.  In fact HubSpot integrated with over 500 other software titles to help your team streamline activities and in doing so increase efficiency and productivity. Contact us today for more information and to learn more about our offerings.