The Best New Social Media Platforms for 2023

authorNexa dateAugust 14, 2023


Marketers know all too well that there are a handful of powerful social media platforms to which their energy and efforts need to be directed. You can't be on every app, and you've got to invest your resources wisely. That said, we've got three apps that are relatively new to the market and have made waves - enough so that if your audience is on it, your marketing team needs to be too.

These platforms have made their way onto this list by meeting the needs of audiences in how they want to share and consume content, from entertainment and creativity to new ways of having an online presence. Here are the platforms to keep an eye on, presenting marketers with new opportunities to connect with their audiences. Time is money and with social media platforms typically offering first movers a huge advantage, it goes without saying that acting on these sooner rather than later can have multiple benefits for your business. Let's take a look at three new social media platforms and how can business use them to increase their visibility.

1. Threads

Threads is the new kid on the block, launching recently in July of 2023. Threads is a text-based social media platform with a similar look and feel to its very clear rival, X, formerly Twitter. Developed by Meta, Threads is a standalone app linked to Instagram that allows users to share text, images, and videos. The app is designed to be a platform where users can have real-time, public conversations with one another. Posts on the app can be up to 500 characters, a major, and potentially attractive, jump upward from Twitter's 280-character limit. In terms of integration with Instagram, Thread posts are directly shareable to Instagram stories and users can import the Instagram accounts they follow directly to Threads. Read more about the Threads app in one of our latest articles here

Seeing as Threads is closely linked with Instagram, which is one of the most widely utilised social media platforms in the world, many users are exploring the platform. Putting your business on Threads can position you as a current and on-trend business. What other advantages can you gain from this new platform? With Threads, you can build a relationship with your audience through community engagement. This app is a more interactive, conversational platform, enabling businesses to foster relationships with their customers. It's great for customer service, and can also help you generate new leads. Threads also offers analytics, so you can track your performance!

2. BeReal

BeReal is a social media app that prompts users to post real-time photos of themselves at a given time during. The app only allows users to post one photo per day, and the photo is taken automatically at a random time. BeReal has become appealing as it makes it difficult for users to edit or stage their photos, encouraging more authentic social media sharing. BeReal has been gaining popularity in recent months, and it is seen by some as a potential challenger to the likes of Instagram and Snapchat. 

BeReal can be useful to businesses for several reasons. Today's consumer is seeking authenticity and human-centric energy from the businesses they engage with. Utilising BeReal can portray the day-to-day activities of your businesses in a way that gives users a "behind the scenes" feel for what you do. This allows you to create audience engagement and showcase your company culture and values. From partnering with influencers to running competitions and giveaways, there are many benefits to utilising BeReal for your business. Industries that can most benefit from the platform span a broad segment that includes food and beverage, fashion and beauty, travel, and even education! Ultimately, regardless of your specific industry, if your business is one that will gain good visibility from utilising a "behind the scenes" social media marketing strategy, BeReal can help you out.


3. Mastodon

Mastodon is a free, open-source platform that allows for self-hosting social media services. It operates across a multitude of user-hosted servers, called "instances," all of which are run independently by different individuals or organisations. User information is not stored on a single server owned by one centralised organisation, and a user can easily choose to erase their data at their discretion. Mastodon users can create accounts on different instances (which are hosted by different servers), interact with other users both on that instance and others, and even create their own instances. Mastodon has grown to be an attractive alternative to social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook because of its approach to privacy and user control. The platform includes several features, such as customisable content warnings, block and mute functions, and the option to export or delete your data at any time. Another draw card for Mastodon is its chronological timeline feed. The platform does not utilise any algorithmic systems for pushing content. Read more about this platform in our blog post here. Many online users today are interested in and moving into decentralised internet spaces. By utilising Mastodon, your business has the opportunity to present itself to people who are looking to engage with decentralised organisations.


Are you ready for the next wave in social media marketing? 

Threads, BeReal, and Mastodon are some of the top social media platforms to be on in 2023 if your audience is there. With their continued growth, audiences who gravitate towards these platforms will undoubtedly change the way marketers reach consumers. Let us know which rising social media platforms you’ve got your eye on in the comments below! 

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