Interview Questions & Answers for an HR Specialist in Dubai

authorShannon Correia dateMay 21, 2021

Congrats, you’ve scored an interview for a position as an HR Specialist. In this article, we’ll be sharing the questions you can expect to be asked, plus the ways to answer them best. HR is a growing industry in Dubai and you may find yourself up against some competition - by using this guide as a template, you can ensure you’re adequately prepared and stand out from the crowd. 

HR Specialists in Dubai

The role of HR Specialist comprises various responsibilities within a human resources department. The specialist deals with employees, from questions and data entry to benefits, training, recruitment, and payrolls. Some specialists will be working for a business, while others will be employed by a consulting firm that services many clients. Before reaching the interview stage, the interviewer will likely check that you have a degree in HR and experience to your name. 

This is a mid-to-senior position. The day-to-day tasks change, as you can go from handling a termination one day to compiling data for reviews the next. Naturally, having people skills is an important part of the job. Other skills include analysis and adherence, since HRs need to comply with governmental laws and processes. If you’re being hired by a firm in Dubai to handle HR duties, it is important to familiarise yourself with labour practices in the UAE. As a specialist, you will not only need to have an in-depth knowledge of this, but also to relay this information to others. HR Specialists are a key part of effectively developing and managing Human Capital, which has a direct influence and effect on the success of a business. 

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Interview Questions and Answers

How do you ensure the employees understand and follow the company’s policies?

This question tests your methods, communication skills, and ability to manage people. Be sure to touch on each of those when providing an answer. Be clear in your ability to both relay the policies and to ensile the rules.

How familiar are you with Dubai’s labour legislation?

As discussed above, you need to brush up on your technical knowledge when it comes to labour laws. This can come from experience, or if you’re from abroad, demonstrate how you’re learning about the way things work in the UAE. 

What does a successful recruitment process look like to you?

Here, the interviewer is testing your knowledge of the recruitment process, as well as the hallmarks of each stage. They’re testing to see what a successful process overall is to you, so be sure to highlight what success looks like for HR specialists, and that you’re capable of making them happen for the company. 

What is your management style?

There are a number of management styles, and there is technically no right or wrong answer for this question. Just be sure to express why this style works for you and how you’ve seen it lead to effective results. Ultimately it will need to fit in or gel with the working and overall management style of the company if you’re the right fit, but that will be a decision made by the interviewer. 

What characteristics do you have that benefit a role in HR?

Talk about your soft skills here. The interviewer wants to know about your passion for people and why this job makes you get up everyday. An example could be empathy, being organised and being a people’s person.

How do you handle dysfunction in teams or conflict in the workplace?

This is an inevitable part of the job. Show your perspective and what would make you a good mediator. You can discuss the methods you’d take to find resolution in the long term and how to build strong teams despite the occurrence of such events. 

How would your previous manager describe you?

Be honest in your answer and let the interviewer know what you meant to the previous manager. Focus on two or three strong words that demonstrate what its like to work with you - and to lose you.

How do you handle HR cost reductions?

Cost reduction is a necessary part of HR and one of the most difficult. Let the interviewer know how you’re able to handle these kinds of situations. 

Tell me about how you’d manage diversity in the workplace. 

Businesses the world over are trying to diversify the workplace which is easier than ever with global remote workers. Talk about ways you can celebrate the diversity within the company. 

What is your recruitment strategy?

The process is fairly standardised so give an overview of this, but allude to the bigger picture - the strategy - the way you go about hiring and why. Talk about what it takes to know you’ve found the right candidate. 

What do you think about the digitalisation of HR?

This question tests your knowledge of HR industry transformations, so be sure to communicate your knowledge thereof and your views on it, as this will influence how you adapt to these technologies. This is occurring at a rapid rate, especially for digital-first businesses in Dubai. 

How has the pandemic changed the way you do or view your job?

The pandemic has changed perspectives and processes. Relate the ways in which it has had an effect on you as an HR specialist. This could be about increased empathy in certain situations, or having to relax the formalities of normal recruitment processes, for example. 

How do you create and lead company culture?

Developing company culture is crucial in businesses that place their people first. Touch on the ways you can build morale, traditions, and attitudes that are positive and help boost employee satisfaction. 

What would your strategy be for employer branding?

Show that you’re aware what employer branding is and the ways in which you’d achieve this for the business. 

What does a successful onboarding process look like to you?

Onboarding often gets a bad rep with disorganisation, so discuss what the process can be like and what makes it successful. An example would be to standardise the training and simplify the process for new hires which is easily done using customer relationship management systems

The Takeaway

HR Specialists hold a sacred position in any company. This is especially true in today’s times, where people-centric concepts are taking center stage. We’ve seen this taking off with many businesses based in Dubai and, indeed, around the globe. With the questions and answers above as a guide, you’re sure to be well prepared to ace the interview. 

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