What is the Best Way to Market a Real Estate Development?

authorToni Becker dateMay 04, 2021

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that attracts consumers through the creation and distribution of valuable content and experiences that are personalized and catered to individuals. Outbound marketing is a traditional tactic that disrupts audiences and casts too wide a net, reaching a high quantity of people who do not necessarily fit your target audience.

With this in mind, Inbound marketing is vital for the success of real estate development businesses as this tactic allows your business to be found online by the highest quality prospective clients - saving you both time and resources.


Why Real Estate Development Companies Need Inbound Marketing

Real estate marketing of the past was made up of a variety of traditional marketing tactics such as billboards, newspaper advertisements, flyers, street pole ads and television commercials. While these traditional methods were effective at the time, the digital marketing era has overshadowed these tactics and taken real estate marketing to new heights. Thanks to digital marketing and easy accessibility to digital data, inbound marketing helps realtors reach a higher quality and more targeted audience while being more cost-effective than traditional methods.

But what exactly is inbound marketing and how will it benefit your real estate development?

In this article we take a look at why inbound marketing methodology should be a part of your real estate development marketing strategy, and how it can work to grow your business and help you gain high quality leads.

Inbound Marketing Tactics and Benefits for Real Estate Developments

Digital Presence:

We live in the online age and when someone needs information the first place they will turn is the internet. When it comes to real estate, your target audience is going to research opportunities online before they even make a decision to contact a company. Previously, buyers and sellers would have used traditional means for research such as newspapers or magazine home listings, however today’s buyer is online and you need to make sure your business can be found online when they are actively seeking your services. 

With the above in mind, it is no wonder that 90% of real estate organisations have websites and website property listings. If you want your real estate development to thrive and reach the right audience it is vital you invest in digital marketing services that make it easier for prospective clients to find your business and listings online. So, what digital marketing tactic will help you rise up the search engine ranks? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for all businesses and is a tactic designed to increase your website's visibility in the organic search results of major search engines. 

By developing an easy to navigate and Search Engine Optimised website, your business will rise up the ranks in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), placing you top of mind when a prospective buyer is searching for your offerings.

SEO is a part of the Inbound Marketing methodology and helps you build your online presence so that when investors or buyers are doing online research regarding real estate developments, you’ll be easier to find. 

Learn more about the importance of Search Engine Optimization here.

Greater Targeting, Greater Returns:

Traditional outbound marketing came with a lot of “what if's.” For example, there is no guarantee that a television commercial is going to reach your ideal target audience - at the right time. The same goes for street pole ads and billboards. You can only hope that one out of thousands of people who view your advertisement will be interested in your offering. Inbound marketing is designed to target a highly specific audience through a variety of channels.

For example, and as stated previously, Search Engine Optimisation ensures you reach the right audience as they are actively seeking your services through the search engines. Social Media also offers a powerful way for you to reach your ideal audience based on a variety of audience demographics including (but not limited to): career, online behaviors, likes and dislikes, location and more. 

Through SEO and social media targeting you are able to create digital advertisements that direct your target audience through to your website. You are also able to track all visitor behaviour and collect visitor data through digital technology, which helps you better understand your target audience, which in turn, will make it easier to target them with the right information and through the right platforms. Learn more about social media for highly targeted lead generation, here

Inbound marketing is about understanding your audience, reaching them effectively and creating a personalized and helpful experience, which means your marketing efforts go a long way and your return on investment will not go unnoticed. 

Build Trust with Helpful and Informative Content

They don’t say “content is king” for nothing. Content creation is one of the pillars for successful inbound marketing. This is because high quality and relevant content drives traffic to your website while establishing your company as a trusted authority in the real estate industry.

For example: helpful and informative blogs that are strategically created to help buyers and investors learn more about your industry and offerings, have the power to establish trust which in turn drives them through the buyer journey. Think about it like this: if a first time buyer comes across your website and you are able to provide them with an informative blog that outlines the homebuying journey, you are offering them information that will better their lives - keeping your business top of mind when it comes to making a purchase decision.

To put it as simply as possible, by publishing content to your website, blog, newsletter or social media channels that address consumer questions and concerns - you instantly build consumer trust. When it comes to content for Inbound Marketing purposes, the higher the quality of your content and the more relevant it is to your readers, the greater your chance of lead generation and conversion. 

Learn more about the importance of content marketing for lead generation, here. 

Lead and Customer Nurturing:

Relationship building is key to real estate development marketing. As we all know, not every prospect is ready to invest in a property and they may just be entertaining the thought of taking that next step which requires research and investigation from their side. Through inbound marketing you are able to provide prospects with valuable information at every point in the buying cycle - whether they are in the awareness stage or the purchasing stage. 

By providing prospects with regular content that is relevant to where they are within the buying cycle, you help keep them informed and educated about the real estate industry, while keeping your real estate development top of mind. Lead nurturing can be done through email marketing that can be completely automated and personalised to suit specific leads and where they are within the purchasing journey. 

You are able to collect your leads through lead generation forms, social media lead generation campaigns, and more. And with every new prospect you collect, you can send through a welcome email and nurture these leads based on their engagement with your brands online platforms. Make sure to keep your lead nurturing emails short and personalized, with a catchy subject line that will prompt the viewer to open the mail. You can set automated campaigns to ensure consistent contact. Learn more about email marketing campaigns for lead generation, here

Customer Relationship Management platforms such as HubSpot provide advanced digital tools that will automate your emails and track their progress. And HubSpot forms the foundation for Inbound Marketing success, specifically in the real estate industry. In fact, HubSpot can do everything we previously mentioned above - and more. 

Introducing HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing digital transformation tool that businesses in all industries rely on to successfully market their brands. When it comes to Real Estate, HubSpot is a customer relationship management powerhouse and can be used to market real estate developments while seamlessly and strategically finding, nurturing and converting leads through a variety of tools and tactics. 

So, what exactly can HubSpot do for your Real Estate development marketing? Let's take a look. 

HubSpot for Real Estate Development Marketing

All-in-one Marketing Solution: All the marketing tools that you require to run a great  campaign are available within the HubSpot Marketing Hub software, and these tools work together to attract, engage and delight potential and current clients. With HubSpot marketing at your fingertips, your marketing team is able to create compelling content, and get it to the right audience at the right time, ensuring high quality leads, and customer conversion. 

What HubSpot Marketing Hub Offers:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Automation

Essentially, HubSpot offers a single location for all your inbound marketing efforts. 

Lead Tracking: HubSpot’s CRM allows your team to collect and organize the contact information of your customers and leads so that you are able to track their online engagement and behavior with your business in real time. This tool makes it easy for your marketing team to fully customize marketing campaigns to suit the needs of each lead and customer. For example: if a lead is consistently viewing a specific page on your website, you can tailor messaging for an email marketing campaign to suit the leads interest which will improve communication between your business and your lead. 

Automated Sales Platform: HubSpot also offers a sales platform that helps in aligning your sales and marketing efforts. The platforms allow your teams to track your leads and clients which makes it easier to organise and manage your sales data. The HubSpot sales platform comes complete with a Deal Dashboard which helps teams visualise the entire sales pipeline for every lead and customer, helping you keep track of how communication and deals are progressing. This helps your real estate agents or representatives prioritize leads and helps them guide leads through the buying cycle. As you are able to customize your Deal Dashboard you can break down your deals into a variety of stages including (but not limited to): property viewed, inquiries, contract sent and closed. This close attention to detail and organisation ensures your sales team doesn’t let anything slip between the cracks. 

Customer Database Management: As stated previously, HubSpot CRM makes it easy for your marketing and sales teams to collect, organise and manage lead and client information including their personal information as well as their interaction with your online platforms.  By having a customer and lead database in a single location, your teams have easy access to information when they need it. For example, if a sales representative or agent is speaking with a lead, they can quickly view the database to learn more about previous interactions with the lead and tailor their messaging accordingly. 

Personalized and Automated Communication: As a real estate development agent or business owner, you receive email after email from interested investors, buyers or current customers. Sometimes it becomes almost impossible to reply to every email timeously and this can become an issue in the digital age as clients and leads expect instant communication. HubSpot has you covered! Through the platform you are able to personalize and automate all your email communications. You are also able to segment your prospects and current customers so that they only receive content that is relevant to them. With email automation you are able to schedule your newsletters or email campaigns to be sent at certain times so that you do not have to perform these time consuming tasks manually. Another great feature is that you are able to set up automated responses to popular inquiries - ensuring your leads receive the communication they require as soon as possible. 

Achieve Real Estate Development Marketing Success with Inbound Marketing and HubSpot

When it comes to real estate development marketing in the digital age, it is vital you take advantage of inbound marketing methodology and tools to drive your business forward and gain momentum in the real estate development space. With helpful CRM tools such as HubSpot, you are able to take your inbound marketing to the next level and reach your target audience with ease. 

Introducing Nexa for all your Real Estate Development Marketing Needs

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