The Dubai HubSpot User Group: The GCC's First Digital and Inbound Marketing Network

Marie Hoffman June 24, 2016

HUG_dubai_LI.jpgWant your digital marketing strategy to deliver more ROI? Do you want to learn more about content or inbound marketing?  Already a HubSpot customer and trying to get more out of your license?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may want to check out the new Dubai HubSpot User Group . Here's why:

What is a HubSpot User Group?

HubSpot User Groups (HUGs for short) are an international network of digital marketers, HubSpot customers and business leaders who want to learn and share new approaches for connecting with customers and tracking return for the marketing and sales activities. Since content and inbound marketing covers everything under the digital marketing "umbrella", HubSpot User Groups feature a wide range of best practices and considerations for website development, SEO, social media, CRM management, email marketing, landing pages and integrated marketing strategies.

Originally launched in Boston, MA, USA, there are now over 150 regional meetup groups around the world. The Dubai HubSpot User Group marks the first of its kind in the GCC.

Dubai HubSpot USer Group: What to Expect

The Dubai HubSpot User Group has three parts: a LinkedIn group, a Twitter account and quarterly in-person meetups. In all cases, you'll find a space where you can ask questions, share experiences and learn more digital marketing, inbound marketing best practices and the HubSpot system as a whole. Over the coming months, we'll bring in speakers from HubSpot and invite customers and digital leaders to share case studies and tips on how businesses can ensure their digital marketing activities show results and delivers ROI.

As the only HubSpot Gold Partner in Dubai and the GCC, HubSpot asked Nexa to lead and organise the Dubai HubSpot User Group while we were at this year's EMEA Partner Day in Dublin. As the HubSpot customer base and inbound marketing moevement in Dubai, UAE and entire GCC region continues to grow, we have new resources and opportunities for existing HubSpot users and those looking for a competitive edge in the market. On behalf of Nexa and HubSpot, we're looking forward to helping businesses improve how they connect with customers and add value to their marketing and sales strategies.

Questions about the group, HubSpot or inbound marketing? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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