Social Media Strategy for Businesses in 2022

Shannon Correia September 22, 2021

Having a social media strategy is one of the most imperative elements of digital marketing. If you’re in the process of planning or reviewing yours for the year 2022, then keep reading. We’ll be guiding you on everything you need to ensure success in the social media arena. 

Social Media Marketing in 2022

We know all too well that the internet doesn’t sleep. Trends are here today and gone tomorrow, especially on social media platforms. Businesses need to create strategies that prepare them to ride the waves as and when they occur, to ensure they aren’t washed out to shore, so to speak. That means you need to have the necessary rouses allocated, ready, and rearing to go. 

For this to happen, you need to work with professionals. Whether you work with an agency or an in-house team, be sure to hire people who can effectively produce content, manage your communities, and manage your budgets. These skillsets and your preparations are what will have your team sailing through. 

We mentioned budgets because your business will absolutely need them, not only to create the content and manage your accounts but because organic reach has become harder than ever. Try as they might, marketers know that they’ve got to put money behind their posts and advertise on these networks to gain traction and boost performance. 

In case it needs to be reiterated - the importance and magnitude of social media marketing cannot be underestimated in today’s world. From inspiration to shopping and service, it forms a vital role in the life of your customer and their journey and experience with any given brand. Remember, you’re one squabble or dilemma away from harming your brand, and one viral video away from newfound popularity. 

While there are many bubbles of interest and content within the depths of the internet, you need to find and form part of the ones that appeal to your audience. These platforms make that easy to achieve, with powerful targeting capabilities. It is important as ever to monitor or conduct ‘social media listening’ regularly. You can’t do the research once and go with it. You’ve got to continually analyze the environments. 

In terms of where social media is going as a whole, we can see that certain movements are still firmly in place and growing. One example of this is the value of video content, which is not going anywhere. Another is the fact that people are paying attention to the metrics that really matter - as much as a business can use analytics to improve their targeting, they are just as capable of finding the accurate results of a campaign, including conversion rates of influencers. 

In other words, it’s (still) all about fostering connections. Meaningful connections, though. Mindless scrolling is out and even when people are online for entertainment purposes, they are conscious of the messages they are receiving. This is where effective storytelling comes into play, along with sound values. Having a well-established brand with a specific voice is important too. 

When you have that right, you’re able to build online communities that are based on trust. That is the intangible and ultimate goal for businesses on social media today. People want to be confident in standing by your brand and feel that you truly care for them - that you’re not trying to manipulate them, but you’re there for them genuinely and authentically. 

As such, businesses are finding it important to build on their transparency. That is, creating positive working environments and strong employer brands that people are happy to share about online. Customers perceive this as being supportive of brands who do well by their employees, which has become an important value for businesses to have if they want to be successful. 

Going back to the instantaneity that dominates social media networks, your business needs to be in the now, both in what it puts out there and how it responds. You’ve got to get with real-time marketing, which is far too important to discuss in one paragraph, so be sure to read more about why real-time marketing matters in 2022

Marketers already know how important video is. Here’s a guide on which trends are going to dominate video marketing in 2022. All kinds of businesses will need this, especially the eCommerce sector. Equally as important as getting down in the DMs. And by that, we mean offering your customers the opportunity to communicate with you directly - and also encourage them to interact with your content regularly, rather than only when they need something specific. 

Finally, when it comes to your social media marketing strategy for 2022, be sure to be selective but all-encompassing. 

Pick your platforms - you only need a handful! Then, be sure to use each of those platforms to the fullest - share all types of content, whether it's a Story, a post, a Reel, a short, live feeds, you name it. While each platform is unique, you can and should ensure all social media content ties into your overall brand through an integrated marketing communication approach. What you showcase is the same, you’re just sharing it in different ways depending on the platform. 

Social Media Strategy for Your Business in 2022

When creating a social media strategy in 2022, be sure to include:

  • Allocate resources and responsibilities
  • Have systems in place that govern the processes, eg styles for social media reporting and editorial calendars
  • Set visions and gaols with KPIs for the year, quarter, and month ahead
  • Monitor social media by conducting research on an ongoing basis about the platforms and your audience 
  • Develop a monthly editorial plan that includes campaigns and leaves room for real-time marketing 
  • Work on developing meaningful and punchy campaigns that you roll out consistently
  • Work with professionals to create diverse multi-media content, which is then edited for each specific platform
  • Prioritize community management and merge it with customer service 
  • Create social media reports on a monthly and quarterly basis

The Final Word

Work with an agency to get everything done for you. We’ve got teams of experts in all relevant fields, from videographers to create professional video clips to copywriters that craft the perfect captions. Let one of Dubai’s leading marketing agencies help your business to grow. Get in touch with us to find out more.