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First-Party Data

authorToni Becker dateJune 26, 2021

First-Party Data Generation Strategy for Sustainable Business Growth

Analyzing and processing prospect and lead data can be overwhelming and stressful. It's often made worse by the fact that the data collected isn’t ...
authorShannon Correia dateJune 19, 2021

What Is the Best Way to Build a First Party Database for Your Business

First party data is an indispensable source of information for businesses to use. In this article, we’ll be taking you through the best way to build ...
authorShannon Correia dateJune 18, 2021

How to Use First Party Data to Drive Business Growth

First party data is a powerful way for marketers to collect and analyze data from their audiences. With this deeper understanding of their targets, ...
authorShannon Correia dateJune 17, 2021

What Is the Difference Between First and Third Party Data?

Data is continually being traded in today’s world. For marketers, this information is like gold, because it means marketing efforts can be improved ...
authorToni Becker dateJune 15, 2021

Why Should Companies Focus on Building First Party Data?

Max Levchin, the co-founder of PayPal said, “The world is now awash in data and we can see consumers in a lot clearer ways." You see, today, ...
authorToni Becker dateJune 14, 2021

What Is First-Party Data and Why Is This Important For Your Business?

2021 is all about data and the customer data landscape is an important topic of discussion right now. Today, customers expect content to be ...