What is the best CRM for large businesses in Dubai?

Toni Becker December 04, 2020

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become the most sought-after strategic business tool for developing, retaining and acquiring customers. This advanced software ensures that every interaction between a business and consumer is smooth and efficient, which in turn increases overall business profit. This kind of strategy is quickly becoming a necessity for large businesses and enterprises as the software provides a centralised location to house all customer data and lead information and is designed to monitor sales processes, and track overall business performance. 


CRM solutions provide marketing and sales teams with a set of tools to manage the entire marketing and sales funnel, from lead qualification to opportunity management to deal closure. What makes this system so powerful is that it helps customer service teams manage all customer requests and automates service and communication operations by following predefined workflow processes - ensuring an exceptional customer experience. It is by offering greater insight into the customer journey and the entire sales process, that CRMs are empowering businesses to make more sales and improve their bottom line. 

CRMs for Large Businesses in Dubai

CRMs are fast becoming business necessities (for all businesses - no matter size or industry), and this demand has seen hundreds of CRM solutions pop up on the market. It is important that you do your research when deciding on the CRM platform for your large business as many of these platforms do not offer the tools you need for your specific business goals and objectives.

Some CRMs are exclusively designed for smaller businesses and start-ups, while others are designed specifically for large corporations and big businesses. The key is to find a CRM that is able to scale with your business and grow with your team. If you run a large business in Dubai, you should invest in a CRM that is able to manage your capacity, and has the power to grow as your business grows. 

So, what is the best CRM for large businesses in Dubai?

Introducing HubSpot CRM for Large Businesses in Dubai

As a Diamond-tiered HubSpot Partner Agency, we may be a bit biased when it comes to selecting the best CRM for your large business - however, we have vast experience when it comes to CRMs and can state unequivocally that HubSpot is the most powerful and user-friendly CRM platform for businesses of any size.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software designed to assist businesses in attracting potential clients, converting leads, closing deals and nurturing client relationships. HubSpot has been created to provide a full CRM solution that is fully integrated with your marketing and sales platforms, ensuring you receive the best value for money and a return on your investment.

What sets HubSpot apart as a powerful platform for large business is that it can be scaled to suit your needs, offers a variety of tools (from lead tracking and automation to marketing integration and in-depth reporting), and is not limited to a small number of users. In addition to the core CRM features, HubSpot provides optional Sales features for SMEs and large enterprises that streamlines efficiencies even further - making it ideal for large businesses. 

Let's take a look at the benefits that come with using the software, and learn how it can help your large business grow as you head into 2021.

The Benefits of HubSpot for Large Businesses in Dubai

Organisation, tracking, and lead nurturing are some of the most important elements to building a company. By developing strong relationships with your leads and customers, from your first interaction to closing and beyond, you create a community of brand ambassadors who help your brand flourish. 

HubSpot CRM is designed to make sure you do all of the above with ease - and more. Let's take a look at the benefits that come from using this powerful CRM platform.

1. Sales and Marketing Alignment

HubSpot marries marketing and sales, something that has been lacking in the business world for decades. Before CRMs, there was a severe disconnect between sales and marketing teams, with marketers driving and distributing leads, and handing them over to the sales team without any further discussion and without lead qualification. 

HubSpot has been able to turn this system on its head and offers a system that marries these two departments. HubSpot has the power to create what has affectionately become known as “smarketing.” In fact, every account tab in the CRM makes it easy to move between the sales and marketing dashboards - and everything within the software directly links the two departments. 

For example: As soon as a contact in your CRM takes a specific action, whether it be engaging with a social media post, opening an email or visiting your website, the marketing team is able to assign the contact to a salesperson and the contact will be changed to a lead. The HubSpot CRM is also able to launch and analyse marketing campaigns, and provide greater insight into audience behaviour and trends through reporting features. This helps marketing and sales teams better understand what the audience is looking for, what is working and what messaging best suits a specific lead.

The issue with most of the CRM systems available is that they only cover the sales aspect of CRM while HubSpot CRM offers an all inclusive system in this regard.

2. Data Collection in a Centralised Location

A powerful CRM compiles and stores in-depth customer data from a variety of channels, or points of contact, between the lead/customer and a business. HubSpot does just that and is able to compile and store lead information from a variety of touch points including a company’s website, live chat, email, marketing materials, social networks and telephonic conversations. 

Having in depth customer information such as data regarding past purchases and online interactions, helps customer support representatives provide greater service, and helps the sales team understand buyer intent - making closing sales that much easier.

3. In-depth Insights

It is all well and good to offer a place that stores contact information, but where do these contacts come from? What interaction have your contacts had with your business? What is their buyer intent? What percentage of deals were closed because of social media or search engine marketing? 

These are all important marketing and sales questions that the HubSpot CRM is able to answer.

Because of HubSpot’s in-depth tracking, integration and reporting capabilities, your business is able to track revenue and keep an eye on your marketing and sales progress. Thanks to these reports, your team is able to make changes and tweaks to your marketing and sales strategy, adapting to what has been learned from the reports. 

HubSpot also offers revenue reports that can track your closed revenue for the year and set specific quotas. And that is not all, your sales team is able to set up daily, weekly, monthly and even annual sales goals on the platform and they are able to track their progress - optimising performance. This ensures that large businesses with large teams are able to 

4. Sales Sequences

A Sales Sequence is a series of automated tasks, emails, notes, call reminders, or actions that can convert contacts into qualified leads and clients. And CRM Sales sequences have changed the game for large businesses.

HubSpot provides sales sequences for every potential lead source and can vary between leads due to their preference and intent. That is, if a lead is in the beginning of the buying cycle (the research phase), your sales sequence can send out an informative email that isnt just set up as a sales pitch, whereas if a lead is further down the sales pipeline, your CRM will send out communications designed to close a sale.  

The HubSpot CRM allows you to place certain leads into certain sequences that will automatically input their contact information and drip them personalised, automated follow-up emails that guide them through the sales funnel. This kind of process ensures your sales team is always up to date, and eliminates any opportunity for human error and miscommunication between your business and a lead. 

This is particularly helpful for large businesses, with larger sales teams that generate a lot of leads, as lead data and lead communication can quickly become buried amongst papers, sticky notes, and hundreds of emails. 

5. Never Forget or Double Book a Meeting

Salespeople have a lot of menial tasks they need to complete before they can even begin concentrating on their actual job at hand. From setting up meetings, organising communication, and following up with potential clients, these long winded tasks waste a lot of time and money. But of course, HubSpot is here to save the day! 

The HubSpot CRM seamlessly integrates with your calendar which can then be synced to the Sales Sequences tools. This means that the software is able to add the booked meetings to the leads contact record - helping your sales team keep track of all communications and meetings. 

This may not be a “wow factor” feature - but it is incredibly helpful. Just ask any salesperson… 

In Conclusion

The above outlines just a few of the benefits that come with using HubSpot CRM for large businesses.

Any organisation with a large customer base will benefit from using the HubSpot CRM system as it provides a platform for your sales team to collect, source, track and manage leads, while making the customer experience as streamlined and positive as possible. 

HubSpot provides a highly powerful sales CRM that will help you better understand the sales processes within your business.  In addition to the core CRM features, HubSpot provides optional Sales features for SMEs and large enterprises that streamlines efficiencies even further.

Nexa is proud to be a Diamond-tiered HubSpot Partner and this places us in the top 2% of HubSpot Partners globally.

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