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How do users search in Google? What type of searcher are you?

By Sam Keillor

Let's face it.  When it comes to researching for a product or service you might have an interest in, the first place the majority of us go to is Google.

If you are a business owner or in charge of a company's marketing, are you taking advantage of this to showcase your own business? Whether you are a newcomer to leveraging Google or Google is already a big part of your marketing strategy especially if you already have visitors organically visiting your website.

Before you get started, you should be considering the types of searches users make daily. For any newcomers to this, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to improving your website's ranking in Google.  For more information on what SEO is, this article maybe helpful:  Within this article, we are going to look deeper into the types of searches you should be targeting and what are the latest search trends you need to be aware of.

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SNAPCHAT Advertising in Dubai & Abu Dhabi: SnapChat Geo Filters for brands are finally here

By Andrew Thomas

It's the news that all digital and social media marketing agencies have been waiting for - Snapchat advertising via sponsored Geo Filters are now available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! That's right, Snapchat (or Snap as they are now known) Geo Filters are now available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or more importantly the paid version is.  Until now, users of Snapchat were only allowed to submit Community Filters, which you may have seen in different locations within the UAE.  Now, we have access to the on Demand Geo Filters, which offers an ideal location marketing channel for brands and businesses looking for increased visibility within specific locations throughout the UAE.

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What comes first: Marketing or Sales CRM? A Dubai agency perspective on what businesses need to be successful in the digital era

By Amit Vyas

We absolutely love how our industry is evolving.

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Why Businesses Should Build Their SEO Teams Like A Professional Sports Team

By Sam Keillor

What if your SEO team was a sport team?

Every individual is only as good as the person next to them and this simple notion can be applied to all walks of life.  In business, that goes for your marketing team, your HR or finance teams.  In our personal or social lives this can even be applied to our favourite sports teams.  It almost goes without saying, that for your team to function at maximum capacity, you need to make sure all the roles are covered and working like a well-oiled machine.  A successful team isn't necessarily a group of people that have the same strengths and experience.  More often than not, an effective team is one that is made up of a range of strengths, a mixture of experience and other aspects that cohesively combine a group of individuals into something much stronger than the sum of its parts. Read More

New Website Project Management in the UAE: A New Contracting Role That Needs Exploring

By Amit Vyas

As an agency that has built over 500 new websites over the years, we get to see and understand how different companies handle such projects. In larger organisations, we're often dealing with an IT Team or Marketing Managers who have been given the responsibility of launching a company's new website. While this seems logical given that a new website involves some level of IT and of course marketing, we're we often wonder if these employees are equipped with the skills and experience required for this task. This article looks at the experience of our business and explores if there is a better way of managing a new website project.

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24 Things your IT Manager in Dubai will NEVER say

By Nexa

We're incredibly busy at Nexa at the moment. With the kids back at school and families back from their summer holidays, it means that the decision makers within Dubai's companies are back and ready to roll their sleeves up for what promises to be a frenetic few months ahead.

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What is HubSpot? Understanding the Marketing Automation Platform

By Marie Hoffman

Are you looking at using HubSpot to run inbound campaigns? Are you an agency guiding clients on their digital marketing strategies? Already using HubSpot but trying to explain it to others?

HubSpot, one of the most popular marketing automation platforms in the market may get points for being user friendly, but it's difficult to summarize exactly what the software brings to the table for companies -- both in terms of the features and the value. Let's take a look at how this plays out:

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Social Media Advertising for Restaurants in Dubai

By Lawrence Coward

You’ve opened a new outlet, franchised an existing brand, you have gone out alone and created a completely new concept taking food and beverage to the next level, offering something unique.

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How to Use Instagram Stories for Business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

By Andrew Thomas

So Instagram had a HUGE update a few weeks ago for those of you who missed it.  They launched an update to the platform that also introduced a new feature - Instagram Stories to its user base.  At first glance it seemed as though they had replicated a number of the features found on Snapchat (and lets be honest they have, well parts of it anyway). After deeper investigation, it seems that many of the features and navigation currently found on Snapchat are now there on Instagram Stories. 

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Social Media & Digital Marketing - How to Promote & Market your Event in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

By Bilal Maasarani

Many people in the events industry are familiar with the following story:   

You worked non-stop on an event for 6 consecutive months or more.  You spent so much effort and money on organising and promoting this event trying to make it the best it could be.  However, when the event came around, attendance wasn't as high as you'd hoped or expected.

Promoting events is not an easy task.  Especially in a place like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, where there are many events taking place throughout the peak periods of the year, many of which are targeting the same type of visitor profiles and attendees.  While many event companies use tried and tested methods to attract visitors, many are not utilising the latest technological trends and advances that can help make their events more of a success.

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