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authorSaraa Khan dateApril 17, 2023

Moving with the times: How businesses should prepare for a world of AI, Web3, the metaverse, and VR

The business world is changing fast, and new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Web3, the metaverse, and virtual reality are shaking ...
authorCaryn Oram dateFebruary 27, 2023

How is Web3 impacting digital marketing?

At NEXA, we have geared ourselves towards Web3, evolving what we do and how we do it. Web3 is the next "generation" of the internet, so to speak, and ...
authorToni Becker dateJanuary 02, 2023

The Importance of Building a Community for your NFT Project

As a subset of blockchain technology and a power part of the Web3 space, NFTs are on a significant growth trajectory. Individuals are able to mint ...
authorCaryn Oram dateDecember 29, 2022

How can NFTs be used at events & exhibitions?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are just one of the latest developments Web3 has brought to the tech world. As they steadily integrate and become a ...
authorCaryn Oram dateDecember 29, 2022

Should your business accept cryptocurrency payments? What are the risks?

Recent weeks in particular have shown the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market. The crash of FTX sent shockwaves through the crypto ...
authorToni Becker dateSeptember 19, 2022

What is a Web3 Artist?

Throughout history, artists have had a tough time dealing with middlemen and corporations profiting from their talent and hard work. Now, the ...